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In a landmark decision, Russian space agency Roscosmos and its US counterpart NASA have agreed to build a new space station after the current International Space Station (ISS) expires. The operation of the ISS was prolonged until 2024.

“We have agreed that Roscosmos and NASA will be working together on the program of a future space station,” Roscosmos chief Igor Komarov said at a news conference on Saturday.


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Gore says it as it is in 7 minutes, RIP

Candles? Oil for lamps? Ammo for unwanted visitors in the dark? Iowa utilities joining drill simulating knockout blow to nation’s power grid.


As worries increase about the vulnerability of the nation’s power grid, Iowa’s largest electric utilities will participate next week in a closely watched exercise simulating a knockout blow to United States’ electrical supply by cyber-sabotage and physical attacks.

Officials with MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy confirmed to the Des Moines Register they will be involved in GridEx II on Nov. 12 and 13. The event is sponsored by the North American Electric Reliability Corp., a non-profit entity whose mission is to ensure the reliability of the bulk-power system in North America.

The scenario calls for a “prolonged blackout,” that will highlight timely vulnerabilities and issues facing the electrical utility industry.

The exercise will reportedly involve thousands of utility workers, business executives, anti-terrorism experts and government officials from the United States, Canada and Mexico. The drill has drawn lots of Internet chatter from survivalists and patriot activists who fear that in a real attack American cities and rural communities could be plunged into cold and darkness for months.

But it’s not only fringe groups who fear the worst from nations like North Korea and Iran.

A report issued in May by the staffs of U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and then-Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., warned the electric grid is the target of numerous and daily cyber attacks. Most utilities only comply with mandatory cybersecurity standards, and have not implemented voluntary recommendations by the North American Electric Reliability Corp, the document said.

In addition, most utilities have not taken concrete steps to reduce the vulnerability of the grid to geomagnetic storms and it is unclear whether the number of available spare transformers is adequate, the report said.

“The electric grid is vital to our economy and national security,” said Waxman, ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “The utility responses are sobering. They reveal serious gaps in the security of our electric grid and Congress needs to address these gaps in a bipartisan way.”

The upcoming exercise is expected to build upon lessons learned from a similar drill conducted two years ago.

“Overall, the exercise was widely regarded across industry and government as a critical imperative in preparing the bulk power system (BPS) for a disruptive cyber event,” according to an after-action report issued by the North American Electric Reliability Corp.

Julie White, communications director for Des Moines-based MidAmerican Energy, which serves almost two-thirds of Iowa, described GridEx II as a “tabletop exercise” and referred other questions to officials with the North American Reliability Corp.

At Alliant Energy, spokesman Justin Foss said the drill will have no impact on Iowa’s electrical customers.

“This is an exercise to help us get better, and by us. I mean the industry,” Foss said. He added, “ This is a great opportunity for us to make sure that everybody has got their ducks in a row.”

Rob Hillesland, a spokesman for the Iowa Utilities Board, said the board and its staff will not participate directly in GridEx II. But the board is aware of the exercise and will be monitoring it, just as it has done with others drills, he added.


Times of change

What’s the percentage I wonder of POLICE acting like rabid animals? You’re views are most appreciated, serving Police Officers welcome to comment. Do you condone this manner of conducting yourself?

This is a sickening video of filmed US POLICE VIOLENCE AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE.

With the inevitable cessation of the 2nd Amendment do you feel safe after watching this film?

Christmas eve, good will and peace on Earth to all Men and Women – Bollocks! Still we put up with being told what to do, how to do it and when to have a war. What’s more if there was a ‘call up’ people would actually sign up to put their life on the line for banking logistics. War is fought always over religion and money, the two go hand in hand but they’ll make you believe it’s for freedom and democracy which doesn’t exist anyway.

Are people waking up to this? Well yes, and a lot of other things too but I regret to say we’re a long way from the tipping point.

2013 will be the year the very top of the pyramid will fight for full in your face control. It won’t even be clever, an insult to our intelligence but they will do what ever they want to achieve their goals.

Tonight they’ll be a few Hellfire missiles finding their way into a remote village in Pakistan killing a few kids, never mind ‘it happens’ Merry Christmas from humanity. All over the world tonight people will starve to death, get struck by a bullet, step on a landmine, be raped, families will be reconfigured, some will die of cold.

Just seems so un-necessary to me as truthfully there’s enough for everyone to live a life with food, warmth and shelter.

Simply we live in a shit world and if we don’t take it back soon we will leave a prison legacy for generations to come and time is of the essence.
Tonight I’m going to send love to Tony Blair, if I was the worlds biggest c##t I’d need it. Love is the only solution, how it will manifest I don’t know, I know it will though.

gun-control-51Well you can all get off your horse and drink your milk, God I bet John Wayne is revolving in his grave. It seems as though all the past two years predictions are now taking shape and what’s more most of America seems oblivious to it. There are YouTube sites and websites that are becoming the only source of reliable intel, however it’s validity is down to you to research to come up with your thoughts. You can’t believe Murdoch’s tailored ‘same crap different day routine’, this is there to scare you.

Here’s a good vid, one of many thousands pertinent to the subject.

Again more Earth booms this time in Wisconsin. We’d love to here from you in the Baraboo Region. No one has a clue what this is, but many rumours that will unfortunately all feed into the end of the world fever.

Residents who have experienced these massive boom noises are not being given any answers or reasoning as to the origins of this phenomena, is anyone looking at this?

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