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The Queen has commanded Britain’s most senior judges to decide if DNA evidence can be used for the first time to settle a dispute over a hereditary title, in a move that could have far-reaching consequences for the aristocracy.

The most senior civil servant in the Thatcher government was accused of a ‘shocking’ and ‘cavalier’ attitude last night after he defended an apparent child abuse cover-up.
Former Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong was warned by the security services in 1986 that an MP had ‘a penchant for small boys’.
But no action was taken and yesterday Lord Armstrong, who refused to name the MP involved, insisted the allegations were just ‘shadows of a rumour’. He said he believed the decision not to investigate the paedophile claims was ‘correct at the time’.


Sky News reported that after months of requests, the Government had finally revealed that papers exist naming senior figures in the 1970s and 1980s.

They include Margaret Thatcher’s former parliamentary secretary the late Sir Peter Morrison, former diplomat the late Sir Peter Hayman, former minister the late Sir William van Straubenzee and Brittan.

Top secret files on VIP child sex ring could shed new light on Kincora horror

Spot The Subliminal Messaging

   Defiant Queen breaks cover for the first time since emergence of Nazi salute pictures to drive herself to church – as Buckingham Palace launches hunt for the source.

Driving herself in a British racing green Jaguar to fuc*ing church.  You couldn’t make this shit up. Sorry they already did.


Pull the wooolIt should have been a Volkswagen with a Luger shoved down her                                                               knickers

                                           vorsprung durch technik
green queen

Now i’m certainly no lover of the Sun newspaper, but why shoot the messenger? Seems like there is a diversion tactic to take the emphasis away from the perpetrator.

The Queen is said to be ‘livid’ over leaked footage of her being taught how to perform a Nazi salute in 1933 as Buckingham Palace launches an investigation into how the clip ended up in the hands of The Sun.
The palace is considering legal action and has begun an inquiry into whether there was ‘any criminality’ involved in obtaining the 17-second film clip, which belongs in the family’s highly-restricted private archive.
And the Queen herself was said to have been deeply saddened that the clip had emerged, especially because it also showed the Queen Mother joining in, and has demanded that the source of the leak be found.


Disappointed at the use of the picture, not disappointed at the

Prince Phillip at 1937 funeral of his elder sister Cecile, flanked by relatives in SS and Brownshirt uniforms.

Prince Phillip at 1937 funeral of his elder sister Cecile, flanked by relatives in SS and Brownshirt uniforms.

use of the Nazi salute.
How is it someone elses fault she has a Nazi background?

That’s because they are German. There real name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.


A concert planned as a celebration of the Queen becoming the longest-reigning monarch has attracted just two donors to its crowd-funding campaign.

History will be made on September 9 when the Queen becomes the longest-reigning British monarch, but the day is likely to pass with little fanfare after a privately-funded concert to mark the occasion raised just £15 in donations.
With no official celebrations taking place, the British Monarchist Society decided to take the initiative by organising the show at the 02 Arena in London, and launched a crowd-funding appeal to raise £65,000 to cover costs.
So far, however, just two people have made donations, and with the full £65,000 needed by July 22, the chances of the concert going ahead look slim.
funny lizzy

Work it out for yourself. Looks pretty damning to me.

This is the film that the royal family have had blocked from release.

Unlawful Killing is a 2011 British documentary film, directed by Keith Allen, about the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed on 31 August 1997. It was financed by Mohamed Al-Fayed and Associated-Rediffusion and shown in Cannes while the 2011 Cannes Film Festival was in progress.

A woman has unveiled the government’s ‘one nation’ policies while sitting on a gold throne and wearing a crown encrusted with over 2,800 diamonds.

The woman – who is worth £340 million – announced measures which include freezing benefits, clamping down on strike action, seizing migrants’ wages and removing automatic housing support for young people.

“My government will adopt a one-nation approach,” she said. “And one is totally behind any approach that protects one.”

She then left Parliament and returned to her £1 billion house. Her crown left shortly afterwards in its own horse-drawn carriage.
give a fuck

Want to watch a damage limitation exercise? Cover up? One rule for the rich and one for the scum. Off with her head. The divine right of shagging pervert Kings is still alive and kicking.

As for Dershowitz, well, read on!

Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor emeritus and legal legend, has defended himself loudly and often since being accused in January of sexual misconduct with an underage female. But does he have a proof problem?

Lawyers Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell think so. They represent victims of financier Jeffrey Epstein who are suing the government under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act. One of Epstein’s victims, known in court documents as “Jane Doe #3” and identified in the media as Virginia Roberts, alleges that Epstein compelled her to have sex with Dershowitz while she was still a minor. Dershowitz has since moved to intervene in the CVRA suit in order to clear his name. Edwards and Cassell also filed a defamation suit against Dershowitz because of his public criticisms of them, and Dershowitz has since counterclaimed.

Edwards and Cassell are now arguing that while Dershowitz continues to call their client a liar, he has yet to produce specific evidence to bear out his accusation . . . in either suit.

Dershowitz’s lawyers argue that Jane Doe #3 (aka Virginia Roberts) waited too long before accusing Dershowitz and attempting to join the CVRA suit. They argue that it’s unfair to him for the court to consider Virginia Roberts’s allegations against him now, since “he would have been in a far better position to secure travel and other records needed to disprove these charges” if she had not waited so long.

On March 24, Edwards and Cassell filed their latest response on behalf of their clients in the CVRA suit, continuing to oppose Dershowitz’s intervention in the suit. They call out Dershowitz on his laches argument. They point out that:

“Dershowitz has already told worldwide news media that he has already collected all of the records and can provide irrefutable, documentary proof that Jane Doe No. 3 is lying. For example, Dershowitz has told the Boston Globe that ‘he will use his travel and credit card records, which he said he has fastidiously saved, to refute the allegations against him.’”

Edwards and Cassell go on to claim that Dershowitz has also not yet complied with discovery requests in their related defamation suit against Dershowitz. In that state court suit, counsel for Edwards and Cassell filed a motion to compel production of documents on February 23. In their motion to compel production in the defamation suit, Edwards and Cassell claim that Dershowitz has so far refused to produce “any documents” to them. For his part, Dershowitz responds that “the insinuation that Prof. Dershowitz is refusing to produce documents in the state court action is not only irrelevant [in the federal CVRA action], it is false – all responsive, non-privileged documents will be produced in a timely manner, as indicated in Dershowitz’s responses.”

The motion to compel in the state case remains pending. You can read Dershowitz’s Objections and Responses to Edwards and Cassell’s Initial Requests for Production and decide for yourself whether they are sufficient.

To be fair, many people would have a hard time assembling proof of where they were and what they were doing at some particular time years ago. But Dershowitz suggested to the media that he already had the proof at hand. Moreover, he insisted that part of what made his opponents’ conduct so egregious was that they could have easily come up with that evidence themselves if only they had responsibly investigated their client’s story.

Three months ago, when the story first hit headlines, Dershowitz told CNN, “If they [Edwards and Cassell] had just done an hours’ worth of work, they would have seen she is lying through her teeth.” He told the Today Show:

“Her lawyers Paul Cassell, a former Federal judge and Brad Edwards, deliberately and willfully filed this pleading which they knew I had no opportunity to respond to in court, without doing any investigation, if they had simply investigated the manifests of the airplanes, if they had checked my travel records, if they had asked me and I could have given the names of these people who are witnesses, they would know the stories, totally, completely false.”

He told Fox Business:

“They [Edwards and Cassell] did it for crass financial and political reasons. More to the point is [what] they didn’t do… I did the investigation in a day and was able to prove through all kinds of records that I couldn’t have been in these places. The woman is a serial liar. If they had done that investigation, they would have come to the same conclusion.”

These public comments, and numerous others like them, are troublesome for Dershowitz for two reasons.

First, they give the impression that Dershowitz was prepared months ago to produce just the sort proof that he has so far refused to provide in the discovery process. If Dershowitz had documentary evidence to prove his innocence all the way back in January, why hasn’t he shared it with the court yet?

Second, Dershowitz repeatedly chastised Edwards and Cassell for not doing the easy, obvious research that they were obligated as attorneys to do. If getting hold of evidence that would disprove Virginia Roberts’s allegations was as easy as Dershowitz said, why hasn’t he produced that evidence yet? And if it is actually quite difficult and time-consuming to amass the evidence, why did Dershowitz malign his opponents for not finding it? Either Dershowitz looks bad for not producing the documents or Dershowitz looks bad for trash-talking Edwards and Cassell, which strengthens their defamation claims against him.

What’s going on? If Dershowitz has the proof he’s promised, why hasn’t he offered it up yet, either in the CVRA proceedings with Virginia Roberts or the defamation battle with Edwards and Cassell?

Perhaps there are strategic considerations at work. As noted civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate recently suggested, Dershowitz might be holding back his exculpatory evidence “unless and until his accuser and her lawyers have specified, under oath, the times and places of the alleged abuse…. so that the accuser is not given the luxury of seeing the defense documents first and thus being enabled to construct detailed accusations around those documents.”

Perhaps Dershowitz hopes that the court will toss out Virginia Roberts’s joinder motion because of its own weaknesses or, less likely, simply strike the bits of Roberts’s story that mention Dershowitz. Dershowitz’s counsel has stated that:

“If the Court rejects the pending motion for joinder or the Protective Motion through which Petitioners also seek to add Jane Doe No. 3 and Jane Doe No. 4, then the Court should strike the scurrilous allegations against Professor Dershowitz, or, alternatively, determine the possible mootness of his motion for limited intervention. Of course, if the Court strikes the allegations against him sua sponte, Professor Dershowitz will withdraw his motion for limited intervention.”

If the court rejected her claim based on laches, for example, Dershowitz would no longer need to intervene in the CVRA suit. Withdrawing would free Dershowitz from the need to produce any further evidence in that suit. Moreover, he might gain some advantage in the parallel defamation suit. Depending upon why the CVRA court rejected Roberts’s claim, Dershowitz might argue in the defamation suit that the dismissal of her claim suggests that her accusations against him were, indeed, baseless. The more baseless her accusations, the closer Dershowitz gets to using truth as a defense in the defamation suit.

Perhaps Alan Dershowitz will offer the court evidence to show that Virginia Roberts is lying about having sex with him. Perhaps Dershowitz will soon produce documents in the discovery process in the defamation suit with Edwards and Cassell. But if not soon, when?


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