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While the poor get poorer and die on the streets, we must keep that special relationship alive.

The UK has to renew its submarine-borne Trident nuclear weapons system if London wants to maintain its “special relationship” with Washington, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said.
It’s the nuclear subs that allow Britain to “continue to play that outsized role on the global stage that it does because of its moral standing and its historical standing,” Carter was cited as saying by the BBC.

“It’s important that the military power matches that standing and so we’re very supportive of it,” he said.


Succinct in depth back story behind The Hammond Ranch demonisation.



Latest From Oregon Ammon Bundy

Crisis Actors made up by Conspiracy Theorists? Really?

It doesn’t have to be this way. If we all stand up their game is over.
What if it was your children, your loved ones?

I wanted to put this in the “Human Condition” category, but this is not human behavior.

Starts off quite friendly, then turns violent.

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