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Warning! GOVT is classifying elected citizens for MARTIAL LAW and FEMA Camps – pls share.


With stories of trains with shackles and guillotines could this be a one way trip for one of the most vulnerable groups in the world? All of us are only a razor blade away of homelessness, we are all vulnerable. How would you feel, despatched to an unknown destination and unknown destiny, is it really 2016 or 1616?




If you can ignore the appalling sound this is probably one of the most important videos you could ever watch.



All Footage is from 2016


Not as sensational as one would have thought.

Our jaw dropped when I figured this out. Instantly went from excitement about the leaks to realizing this is a controlled info dump meant to protect the western elite and slander their enemies. READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/news/follow_the_money_soros_rockefeller_own_the_company_that_is_doing_the_panama_papers_leaks/129898



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