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Times of change

Think of a future where everyone has enough food and shelter. No more fear of lack, or a fear that everything can be taken away. (Keeping us in bondage).
These technologies exist and are available to us, but we are kept in the dark by the people with the money.
Do they not realise that even they can’t live forever and will, one day, leave this earth as naked as they came in to it.
These technologies would heal the planet in so many ways, and in turn our healing will be magnificent.
Tried one of the short meditations and my wife and I both saw a beautiful bright orange light in the cloudless night sky that was certainly no aircraft I’ve seen before. It hung around for about 30 seconds then just disappeared.

What’s the percentage I wonder of POLICE acting like rabid animals? You’re views are most appreciated, serving Police Officers welcome to comment. Do you condone this manner of conducting yourself?

This is a sickening video of filmed US POLICE VIOLENCE AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE.

With the inevitable cessation of the 2nd Amendment do you feel safe after watching this film?

gun-control-51Well you can all get off your horse and drink your milk, God I bet John Wayne is revolving in his grave. It seems as though all the past two years predictions are now taking shape and what’s more most of America seems oblivious to it. There are YouTube sites and websites that are becoming the only source of reliable intel, however it’s validity is down to you to research to come up with your thoughts. You can’t believe Murdoch’s tailored ‘same crap different day routine’, this is there to scare you.

Here’s a good vid, one of many thousands pertinent to the subject.

An extremely well balanced succinct film. We thank Suspicious0bservers for these facts.

Again more Earth booms this time in Wisconsin. We’d love to here from you in the Baraboo Region. No one has a clue what this is, but many rumours that will unfortunately all feed into the end of the world fever.

Residents who have experienced these massive boom noises are not being given any answers or reasoning as to the origins of this phenomena, is anyone looking at this?

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