We are being conditioned for martial law.
My goal for sharing this is not to promote hate for law enforcement in general, but to open your eyes to the militarization of your police force and the brutal mentality of many officers that are sworn to protect and serve. When police are armed as if they are in a war zone, they are apt to act accordingly, viewing citizens as the enemy.
We have a right to assemble in peaceful protests and not be gassed, shot or told that it is an illegal assembly.
We have a right to protect ourselves from illegal search and seizure and warrantless home invasion.

This guy here is the benchmark for what to do in the upcoming civil unrest, wise words. The Police/Government are NOT ALWAYS RIGHT and must be questioned now more than ever before.


What’s the percentage I wonder of POLICE acting like rabid animals? You’re views are most appreciated, serving Police Officers welcome to comment. Do you condone this manner of conducting yourself?

This is a sickening video of filmed US POLICE VIOLENCE AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE.

With the inevitable cessation of the 2nd Amendment do you feel safe after watching this film?

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