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A very interesting honest, emotional account of an encounter with an unknown creature.

UK Calls For The Dismantling Of Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire: Netanyahu Grants Murdoch Syrian Oil Rights!.

Western Elites Scramble To Shore-Up EU House of Cards.

Music With A Message

NATO field guns with US rounds are already in use by the AFU in the ATO Eastern Ukraine, proof found yesterday by tracing serial numbers on the ordnance.

So, is the statement from the Whitehouse to possibly supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with fire power today a late confession?

The US are playing an insidious game manipulating public opinion worldwide and almost toying with both sides of the Ukraine Civil War. It’s as foul-smelling as all the other false flags, but this one is tinged more odious by the evil heifer Nuland and old man Soros working their NWO magic to bring about war with Russia. AND YOU TRY AND WAKE PEOPLE UP! It’s now we have to really push this if we stand any chance of tipping the balance in the number of awake, the crucial 100th Monkey moment.

We know all of you, our highly valued subscribers know what is happening so could we ask if you could help expose this a little more for the sake of humanity.

This is the big one and planned to run in tandem with ISIS to achieve the Globalist plan to start World War Three. This will complete their objective to install a Global Government, Army, Police, Bank and wipe 6.5 billion of us off the planet.

The problem we face is that it sounds so incredulous, Batman, Dr No, Dr Strangelove stuff and so easy to ridicule or like a friend of mine says “Oh these things always happen”. The reason “These things always happen” is because most of us have been asleep until recently and we’ve done nothing about stopping them from happening. Now is the time as there are more awakening, and be aware when these people wake up they’re going to be so very angry. If this is unleashed the one per cent will get ripped apart, literally and as much as that would give some a sense of satisfaction it is no foundation for a new future.

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