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To the Few Whom This Concerns:

Re: The deliberate subjugation of our people and planet


We hereby officially notify all those complicit in this massive control program that: READ MORE……..

This video is an introduction to Kindom, showing the steps that are necessary if we are to create the lives of freedom that we dream of. The Love For Life work that we have been sharing for the past nearly ten years, is not to be found in the education of “The System” that most of us base our lives and our thinking on.


Steve Jobs once asked the question: “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to spend it the way that you’re about to?”

If you sit in a quiet place and think deeply about this question, it becomes scary, yet liberating. Scary because one day everything we love and everything we’ve become attached to will cease to exist through our eyes. Liberating because realizing this fact motivates us to contemplate how we walk in our daily lives.

Ken O’Keefe’s original marine conservation work has been somewhat overshadowed by his non-violent, but fully confrontational work for human rights. He is an ex-US marine and Gulf War Veteran, who formally renounced his US citizenship in 2001.

That Icke, he’s a bloody nutter he is.

Not always been a lover of Neil Kramer. He sometimes comes across as a little arrogant and pretentious regarding his interviews concerning the mystic side of life.
But his message is clear and spot on in the video below.

Sound familiar?

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