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Save Our Bins

I’d take it one step further and throw them in the mincers.
Plenty of half empty bins around Westminster and the White House. Lets fill them.

Even if he gets in trouble with “young boys”

An ex-aide of former Tory Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath, shot himself in the head following his arrest for potential child abuse offences. Two days after being questioned by police investigating images on his computer, 40-year-old Nick Edgar killed himself near his parents’ Cambridgeshire estate.

The Sun reports the father of three, who worked as Sir Edward Heath’s Private Secretary in the 1990s, was held by police investigating child abuse crimes in April 2010. Having been questioned again four months later, Edgar shot himself with a shotgun near his parents’ home.

The former Oxford University Union president started working with Sir Edward in 1992 when he was in his early 20s. He worked as his Private Secretary for several years, spending months at the former Prime Minister’s Wiltshire home.



Detectives are investigating Tory grandee Ken Clarke over an allegation that he sexually assaulted a fourteen year-old boy, Exaro can reveal

The investigation by South Yorkshire Police into the former Conservative cabinet minister was raised during a preliminary hearing at the Old Bailey in the case against Ben Fellows, who was cleared on Thurday of attempting to pervert the cause of justice by falsely claiming that Clarke had indecently assaulted him.


He isn't suing now is he? Wonder why

He isn’t suing now is he? Wonder why

A former civil servant at the centre of allegations that aquestion mark face paedophile ring once operated in the heart of Westminster has been arrested.
The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was questioned earlier this year on suspicion of assaulting a boy in London in the late 1970s.
It is claimed that he was part of a ring that had links to top civil servants and public figures. He also allegedly visited the now notorious Elm Guest House, a VIP brothel in London.
The man’s alleged victim spoke to the Metropolitan Police earlier this year to say he was abused on several occasions, beginning when he was 12.

Meanwhile in the paedo palace. Westminster locked in war of words over child sex claims as top MP reported over abuse insists: ‘I’m not Jimmy Savile’

The row over the Westminster child sex scandal took a dramatic turn last night when the Labour politician reported to police for allegedly abusing boys declared: ‘I am not a paedophile.’
The allegations against the MP, a former Minister, include that he abused a boy in a mental health unit, was linked to a rent-boy brothel, and used his position to force police to let him off.
A week after the accusations were disclosed by this newspaper, the defiant MP claimed he is the victim of a smear campaign.

But the Conservative MP who reported the allegations to police is standing by his actions. He says some of the alleged crimes occurred as recently as 18 months ago and that police are investigating.

Don’t hold your breath


To be honest we can’t see it happening yet. Not until a lot more people wake up to the fact that some of the people that they elect as their leaders, are in fact child rapists and child murderers

There can be little doubt that there have been serious cover-ups over VIP child sex abuse over the years. Now the Government should be allowed complete access to all of MI5’s secret files which will reveal the names of those responsible, says MP Tom Watson, who, three years ago, was the first to raise these allegations in the House of Commons.

He believes that in the course of the investigations, the Official Secrets Act should be set aside in order for evidence to be gathered effectively.


Labour’s Simon Danczuk ‘very concerned’ long-delayed inquiry into child sex abuse could last eight years

A campaigning MP is “very concerned” about claims that the long-delayed inquiry into historic child sex abuse could go on for eight years.

Labour’s Simon Danczuk said it could be a case of civil servants being “overly cautious” but added that the inquiry needs to be “more efficient”. The inquiry, headed by New Zealand High Court judge Lowell Goddard, may not publish its final report until 2023, according to The Sunday Times.

Tapes leaked to the newspaper are said to have featured a senior Home Office official saying the inquiry could “go on for eight years” during a meeting with campaigners last month.


child abuse

Why is he not being prosecuted?

Everyone Knows this Lord  is part of a pedophile ring  which sold,raped and murdered vulnerable children. He is protected by a morally bankrupt, public funded Criminal Justice System run by pedophiles 

Alleged paedophile Lord Janner voted 203 times in the House of Lords even after he granted power of attorney to his children because of his dementia, it was revealed today.
The Labour peer also attended Parliament 634 times after his family took control of his financial affairs in April 2009, claiming £104,365 in taxpayer-funded allowances in the process.
It came as the Director of Public Prosecutions was told she should be called before a Commons committee to explain her decision not to put Lord Janner on trial for alleged child sex offences.


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