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The Russian Defense Ministry said the US military instructors have been spotted in the combat zone in eastern Ukraine, training the country’s National Guard in the field, despite promises to hold the exercises at a remote range in Lvov.

Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov slammed Washington’s claims of increased presence of Russian air defense units in the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions of Ukraine as “astonishing in its incompetence,” TASS reported.

On Wednesday, US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said that it’s currently “the highest amount of Russian air defense equipment in eastern Ukraine since August,” without providing any evidence to substantiate the claim.

LISTEN ‘America seeking new long lasting war’ – @TonyRobinson6 on US military advisers in Ukraine

Konashenkov explained that Harf’s statement was just an attempt to “warm up” the general public ahead of the NATO summit, scheduled to take place in Antalya, Turkey on May 13-14.

The spokesman added that the international community should be more concerned with the US troops training Ukraine’s National Guard now conduct battle in urban environments.

“But it’s not happening at the Yavorov training site in the Lvov Region [in western Ukraine] as reported by Ukrainian TV, but directly in the combat zone near Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Artyomovsk and Volnovakha,” he said.


As for Russian or any other air defense units, their presence in eastern Ukraine would be useless, as even the Kiev authorities publicly acknowledged that they haven’t been using aviation in their military operation in the east since August, Konashenkov said.

“Especially, since we all know, that there’s hardly any aircraft left in the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” he added.

According to the spokesman, it’s very difficult to predict what other accusations against the Russian military might be invented by US officials. The Defense Ministry “won’t be surprised if it gets blamed for deploying a carrier strike group in the Lugansk Region or illegal entry of a Russian nuclear submarine in the main city pond of Donetsk,” he said.

Hilary (eat me) Clinton resposible for Ukraine kill list?


For the third day in a row, militants form the Right Sector (Pravy Sektor) party rallied in Kiev to demand the resignation of key government officials, including the Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Thursday.

Ukraine: ‘Financial Maidan’ protesters besiege Verkhovna Rada in Kiev

On April 1st US Embassy in Ukraine was picketed by 2,500 demonstrators under the slogan “We are not cattle!” – Event got barely any coverage in Ukraine and none in the west

We initially missed the story ourselves since so few reported on it, but have been able to find two useful reports since:

About two and a half thousand Ukrainians surrounded the US embassy in Kiev on the first of April. People who disagree with the appointment of foreigners to the Ukrainian government, as well as the intervention of the Americans and Europeans in the public administration of the country, holding banners saying “We are not cattle!” And they made sounds imitating animals.


Besides the protesters braying and bleating, they were eating cabbage, which was distributed by the organizers of the protest. They also kept two-meter carrots with the symbols of the European Union. By the end of the demonstration of dissent Kiev residents pelted the US embassy with manure.

It is noteworthy that the video from the protest was removed from all the Ukrainian sites and users were blocked. Local journalists hardly covered the event.

Report by Life News (translated at Off Guardian):

On April 1 US Embassy was picketed by more than two thousand Ukrainian people under slogan “We are not cattle!”

The phrases “We are not cattle!” on the posters were written in four languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English and Polish. Also people unrolled the big slogan with the quote of one famous Ukrainian writer Panas Mirny “Do oxen roar when the rack is full?”

For 2 hours, from 12 a.m. till 2 p.m. people were mooing and bleating in protest against the transformation of the Ukrainians into beasts by means of prices and rates increase, lowering salaries and standards of living, and banning freedom of speech and opinion. Mooing is the only thing people can do not to be arrested by the current government. But even despite these safety measures many people received physical threats from guarding US embassy right-wing radicals and USC officers.

The representative of the Embassy came to the picketing people and asked what they wanted. The answer was mooing and eloquent posters.

At the end of the picket a few activists began to throw the thing that beasts have enough – excrements at the plate of the Embassy. Several USC officers came up to them threatening by arresting and transferring to the nearest police buses.

The Ukrainian mass media headed by the Ministry of Propaganda of Ukraine ignored such an action and the information about this protest was blocked. Even bloggers who tried to place this information were instantly blocked (for example, Maxim Ravreba and Anatoly Sharij – he’s ready to give an interview on such theme, Anatoly was shocked, 2 minutes after placing the material the YouTube account was blocked).

Complete blockade, both forced and information is obvious. It’s obvious that American embassy in Kiev is guarded much better than other governmental buildings, because the US Embassy is the main institute of power in Ukraine.

Report by drcollins (user blog at Telegraph):



Kill For The Agenda Or They’ll Kill You

We Now Kill People Because They Refuse To Kill People

Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law which authorizes commanding officers to use physical force against army defectors. It comes as the latest military draft has seen a lack of enthusiasm on the part of potential soldiers.

Ukraine’s parliament voted on Thursday with 260 MPs in favor – only 226 votes were needed to pass the law. The new article 22(1) added to the charter regulating service in the armed forces of Ukraine states that commanders “have the right to personally use physical force, special means, and weapons when in combat” against soldiers who commit “criminal acts.”

Under criminal acts the law lists “disobedience, resistance or threat to use force against the commander, voluntary abandonment of military positions and certain locations of military units in areas of combat missions.”
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It was expected to see 100,000 people joining the army in three stages throughout the year. However, the country’s Defense Ministry said on January 31 that nearly 7,500 Ukrainians are already facing criminal charges for evading military service.



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