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Jimmy Savile was allowed unfettered access to the NHS where he raped and sexually

The Queens sweetheart. Wonder why

The Queens sweetheart. Wonder why

assaulted patients in 41 hospitals during a 24 year reign of abuse, a bombshell report has revealed this morning.
The paedophile DJ attacked 60 NHS patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital alone, where he was given his own private bedroom and 24 hour access to all wards.
It is also likely that he had sex with bodies in a mortuary at Leeds General Infirmary for up to 50 years and is believed to have stolen glass eyes from the dead and made them into medallions and rings.
A series of 44 damning reports published today detail Savile’s decades of abuse across the NHS and how management turned a blind eye because of his fame and the amount of cash he raised for charity.
One member of staff at Stoke Mandeville who complained about Savile’s abuse was ‘severely reprimanded’ by her bosses and the complaint was dropped.

A former children’s doctor has been found guilty of indecently assaulting young girls at Stoke MandevilleJimmy pedo Hospital and was convicted of raping a girl at his home.

He assaulted the children at the hospital at the same time that Jimmy Savile was also abusing patients on its wards.

Michael Salmon, 79, from Wiltshire, was convicted at Reading Crown Court.

The court heard how he carried out many of his attacks behind a screen in his consulting room, while his victim’s parents waited believing he was completing a medical examination.

Although he worked at Stoke Mandeville at the same time as Jimmy Savile, there is no suggestion of any link between their actions.

“I bet they knew each other eh”!

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