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John Ramirez was ranked the third highest devil worshiper in New York. He received his orders directly from Satan himself. But what was strong enough to rescue John? Who had enough light to shine into his darkness? There’s only one answer!

As we know, the further we get to the execution of Agenda 21 Satanism is quite naturally becoming prominent throughout the world. Satanic Ritual Abuse is reaching pandemic status and many many children have been put through secret service mind control programs, MK-Ultra, Monarch and Project IBIS being the most prominent.

Please be aware what we used to think was unbelievable is now manifesting as reality and as the darkness creeps the more unstable the planet will become.

Ted Gunderson died of a rare type of Cancer, the NWO’s favourite method of assination.

“We have Operation YewTree [investigating Jimmy Savile, et al] in Britain. The idea that the British Investigators, who all work for the Freemasons, who work for Evelyn Rothschild, who controls the people by getting them to commit obscene acts on video are going to come up with something, well I think it’s unlikely!”

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