Sandra Fecht Satanic Abuse Therapies

It’s real, it happens all over the world, welcome to the NWO.

Scotland Yard is to be investigated for alleged corruption over claims it covered up child abuse because police and MPs were involved.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission will carry out the investigation into the actions of the Metropolitan Police.

There are 14 referrals which detail alleged corruption dating back to the 1970s and stretching into the 2000s.

Sarah Green, deputy chair of the IPCC, said: “These allegations are of historic, high level corruption of the most serious nature. We will oversee the investigations and ensure that they meet the terms of reference that we will set.

“Allegations of this nature are of grave concern and I would like to reassure people of our absolute commitment to ensuring that the investigations are thorough and robust.”

More to follow……


This is quite a story, many thanks to annskijokerman for pointing us in this direction of pursuit. It seems Annett is not all he seems.



December 23, 2014


Introductory Statement – Please consult video


Hi All I am sorry that there is confusion regarding ITCCS and Annett. I interviewed Annett as sole spokesman for 3 years and I took on faith many statements he made because of my 10 year relationship with him. I met Annett at Vancouver Coop Radio where my program THE MONDAY BROWNBAGGER ended as his program began.  All progressive programs including my program were terminated by a Bilderberger takeover of Vancouver Coop Radio occasioned at the same time as a crisis caused by the termination of Annett’s program over the Picton affair.  After that, on Sept 14, 2011 Annett approached me to interview him on his new project ITCCS, presuming that I supported him because we had been terminated by Coop Radio by he Bildebergers.  Unbeknownst to me as I learned a few days ago, Annett had told a now colleague of mine, broadcaster Mel Ve of Holland “I do not have any regard for Alfred. I think he is a Vatican agent.  I am just using him because he has a loyal audience base.”



We appreciate all of our subscribers and after our four year existence the comments are beginning to flow and hey, we’re becoming interactive. This is exactly what we envisaged, people working together on this site and just in time its happening.



John Ramirez was ranked the third highest devil worshiper in New York. He received his orders directly from Satan himself. But what was strong enough to rescue John? Who had enough light to shine into his darkness? There’s only one answer!


More darkness from The Vatican, Lucifers Lodge, untold depths of human depravity by our revered spiritual leaders.

As unbelievable as this seems the Satanic ritual of sacrificial murdering of babies and young children is now well documented and a reality. Those who believe they are the elite of our world are the main perpetrators, promoters and traffickers. The thought of anyone eating a baby doesn’t even compute to most which has kept this issue on the disbelief shelf, however it’s a fact that many survivors have now confirmed

They will at some point be exposed fully for their actions, we must keep the cadence and not forget that major political leaders and prominent spiritual leaders are murdering, torturing, raping, cannibalistic agents of Satan.

As we know, the further we get to the execution of Agenda 21 Satanism is quite naturally becoming prominent throughout the world. Satanic Ritual Abuse is reaching pandemic status and many many children have been put through secret service mind control programs, MK-Ultra, Monarch and Project IBIS being the most prominent.

Please be aware what we used to think was unbelievable is now manifesting as reality and as the darkness creeps the more unstable the planet will become.

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