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Spot The Subliminal Messaging

   Defiant Queen breaks cover for the first time since emergence of Nazi salute pictures to drive herself to church – as Buckingham Palace launches hunt for the source.

Driving herself in a British racing green Jaguar to fuc*ing church.  You couldn’t make this shit up. Sorry they already did.


Pull the wooolIt should have been a Volkswagen with a Luger shoved down her                                                               knickers

                                           vorsprung durch technik
green queen

Now i’m certainly no lover of the Sun newspaper, but why shoot the messenger? Seems like there is a diversion tactic to take the emphasis away from the perpetrator.

The Queen is said to be ‘livid’ over leaked footage of her being taught how to perform a Nazi salute in 1933 as Buckingham Palace launches an investigation into how the clip ended up in the hands of The Sun.
The palace is considering legal action and has begun an inquiry into whether there was ‘any criminality’ involved in obtaining the 17-second film clip, which belongs in the family’s highly-restricted private archive.
And the Queen herself was said to have been deeply saddened that the clip had emerged, especially because it also showed the Queen Mother joining in, and has demanded that the source of the leak be found.


Now this made laugh out loud.
What did it expect?

The Queen has been told to ‘f*** off and die’ after she was targeted by Twitter trolls following her first official tweet.

The Queen, who in 1976 became the first monarch to send an email, welcomed visitors to the new Information Age gallery at the Science Museum in her first tweet.

And though the official @BritishMonarchy account saw a boom in popularity after the post, Twitter trolls also seized the opportunity to attack the Queen, with one user telling her ‘f*** off and die’.
queen 2

queen tweet 1

Well of course he didn’t go to Wandsworth, look at the picture below to see who his friends are.
SSSSHHHH, Move along, nothing to see here.
queen pedo
Paedophile Rolf Harris went straight to a cushy prison, despite reports he was going to do hard time at a tough jail, reports the Sunday People.

Staff at Wandsworth expected to see the pervert, who indecently assaulted a girl as young as seven, but he never showed up.

Instead he was taken to Bullingdon prison in leafy Oxfordshire to serve his five years and nine months.

Some saw the sentence as too lenient and it is being considered by the Attorney General.

The “soft” jail move adds to beliefs the disgraced veteran entertainer has had special treatment.

Who’s body are you talking about Rolf you dirty bastard?
How many times are we going to be hoodwinked.
When are we going to out the pedophiles that aren’t 86 and past it. This man will hopefully spend the rest of his life behind bars, but what about the ones in power now that are still abusing the young and innocent.
I’m talking about members of parliament and members of the parasitic not-so royal family.
Members of the so called celebrity society that prey on the vulnerable.
Rolf Harris victim wrote to queen warning her he was pervert as he painted monarch. Looks like he was in good company.

queen parasite

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