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The mainstream media, especially the print media, continues to implode, but rather than attempt to change its focus (most dailies are run by liberal editorial teams) they continue to double down on their progressive ideology – which, in turn, leads to additional declines in readership.
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Are you awake enough to see the mind control?

Yep it’s true, they don’t know which way to turn to get you to vaccinate, so they are just going to throw the kitchen sink at you

The official story regarding the Ebola outbreak has gone from hokey to downright ludicrous with new reports claiming that, if Ebola isn’t eradicated from West Africa soon, 100,000 people will get sick and 16,000 people will die — from measles!

Yep, the measles scare campaign is now merging with Ebola into one single, bizarre, pro-vaccine hybrid narrative that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The mainstream media says that children won’t be able to get their MMR vaccines if hospitals are bogged down with Ebola patients, which will somehow snowball into a massive measles pandemic.


Doctor Does Injection Child Vaccination Baby

86% of those who caught measles at Disneyland were fully up to date on their MMR vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella. But don’t look at the facts, get them to inject your child anyway.

A new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics claims to delineate the source and spread of measles during the widely hyped Disneyland measles outbreak, of course blaming the unvaccinated for this ridiculous non-event. But the data points presented in the study reveal that the vast majority of those who caught measles had previously been vaccinated, and yet the outbreak is still somehow being blamed 100% on the unvaccinated.
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Russia did not threaten the West with nuclear weapons over the protection of the Crimean Peninsula, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday.

“Of course not,” Peskov told journalists in response to a question of Russia’s apparent threat of using nuclear arms to protect Crimea.

Earlier Thursday, two British newspapers, The Times and The Independent, claimed that Russia intended to use nuclear force to protect Crimea in March 2014 if NATO had moved additional forces to the Baltic states.

Western media reports of Russian alleged threats to use nuclear weapons in the Baltics is a clear example of ongoing hysteria in demo
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I worked for these guys ten years in the days of Fleet Street and the Wine Press, there was still such thing as journalism at the time. Seems journalism died on the way to Docklands, once a revered part of British culture its now as relevant as the Beano is to world current affairs. Never thought I’d be saying this…..


Watch Tubby Nuland put through the meat grinder

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