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Please awaken people to the fact of these atrocities by the US Ukraine puppet govt.


How the Ukraine govt views People of the Donbass

Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk calls residents of south-east ‘subhumans’ – See more at: http://english.pravda.ru/news/world/16-06-2014/127801-subhumans_ukraine-0/#sthash.EW821jj2.dpuf

Arseny Yatsenyuk, Rada-appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine, used the Nazi word ‘subhumans’ in relation to residents of the south-east of the country in official comments on the webpage of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States.

One of Yatsenyuk’s quotes contains the word “subhuman.” In the same statement, the so-called prime minister promised to destroy all those, who kill Ukrainian military men and then “cleanse the earth from evil,” Lifenews reports.

A bomb exploded outside a sweet shop in Kiev that is owned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s Roshen chain, police said on Friday.

“The explosion made a hole with a diameter of 0.6 meters in the wall of the shop. It has damaged shelves and some of the goods,” the police said in a statement, adding that the incident happened at around midnight on Thursday.

There was no comment from the company, which operates confectionery factories in Ukraine as well as in Russia, Hungary and Lithuania.

The Roshen chain of shops expanded after Poroshenko, popularly known as the “chocolate king”, was elected president in 2014. Earlier this year, windows were broken at some of Roshen’s outlets by unidentified attackers.



In the case of any advance of Ukrainian army positions – and who is to say whether there is or not – Ukraine’s President Poroshenko says he will declare martial law across his country within hours. As RT reports, Poroshenko added that Ukraine will “demonstrate its readiness for war, for victory, for defense and for peace.

[Poroshenko]  said he would sign a decree introducing martial law immediately, should there be an offensive against Kiev’s army in the east of the country: “My key position: if the ceasefire is broken now, if the line of confrontation is crossed, if an advance against the Ukrainian armed forces is organized, at that very moment I will sign the decree on introducing martial law and pass it to parliament.

“I have no doubt that within hours, martial law will be enacted,” Poroshenko continued, saying that it will allow Ukraine to “demonstrate its readiness for war, for victory, for defense and for peace.” The Ukrainian president claims that during his term the martial law protocol was significantly “improved.”

The latest edition does include a number of new features.

One of those is the extrajudicial detention and forced relocation of citizens of a “foreign country that threatens or undertakes aggression towards Ukraine.”This might be any Russian since Russia is considered an “aggressor state” at an official level. Kiev believes it to be supporting anti-government fighters in eastern Ukraine, which Moscow vehemently denies.

Apart from the forced relocation of foreigners, martial law allows the authorities to confiscate private property, take full control of any media and ban any political parties and organizations that are deemed a threat. It will also be able to prohibit any and all rallies and mass gatherings.

*  *  *

The death toll in the Ukraine conflict has exceeded 6,000 people. Over 15,000 have been injured, according to UN estimates.

For martial law to be enacted, the parliament has to approve a corresponding ruling by the Ukrainian president. It can be declared in the whole country or selected regions. And as RT reports,


There have been several attempts to discredit the Nobel Peace Prize since its establishment. Founder of Italian fascism, bloody dictator Benito Mussolini was nominated for the Prize in 1935. In 1939 member of the Swedish Parliament E.G.C. Brandt nominated Adolf Hitler.

You couldn’t make it up. Oh sorry, they just did.


Mass riots in front of the Parliament building in Kiev: tyres are burning once again

Traffic along Hrushevskyi Street is blocked. Police units have been summoned to the center of the city.

The Verkhovna Rada approved the draft law No 1558-1 on restructuring of obligations in foreign currency.

227 MPs voted in favour of this decision.

The draft law had been put forward for the third reading.

After that the protesters rallying near the Parliament building renewed the manifestation.

Police is preparing to use fire hydrants at the crossing of Shovkovychna an Hrushevskyi Street. Several protesters had been detained.

The protesters throw smoke pellets and bottles with Molotov’s cocktail.

Paramedics provide first aid to one of the injured protesters on the stairs of the building.

Policemen keep on detaining the most aggressive protesters.

The fire brigade has not yet managed to put off the burning tyres.



Novorossiya army have hunted down a Ukranian Army sabotage & recon Platoon

2 KIA & 2 retreated back to Kiev Occupied Territory..
They must have been monitoring Troop movements & testing defences..
I have a feeling an Offensive with start soon….




Kiev is pocketing the money it has to transfer for social payments in war-torn areas, the rebel leaders said, calling on Germany and France to put pressure on President Poroshenko. Ukrainian officials claim they cannot transfer the pensions.

“We are calling on you as the guarantors [of the Minsk agreement] to use leverage on the Ukrainian leadership and make it follow [the deal] and resume social payments to the citizens of Donbass, to demand from the Ukrainian side that they stop ignoring the Minsk agreement,” Igor Plotnitsky and Aleksandr Zakharchenko wrote in an address to the German and French leaders.


The complaint was voiced in a joint letter they sent to Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Francois Hollande, who co-sponsored and endorsed the Minsk agreement in February last year.

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The quarrel over pension money adds to the many points of contention between the Ukrainian government and the rebel forces in the east. In November last year, Kiev announced it would not pay any social benefits in rebel-held areas as part of its strategy to blockade them. But in February it pledged to revoke the decision during negotiations in Minsk, which produced a ceasefire agreement between the government and the rebel forces.

But according to the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, Kiev is not willing to deliver on its commitment and is not transferring the money it owes to the pensioners.

“The Ukrainian leadership is… continuing the blockade, including that of the Donbass banking system. It is stealing the pensions of more than a million people, leaving them with nothing to live on,”the entities’ heads said.

Ukrainian officials say paying the pension is impossible.

“We physically cannot do it. I stress that the government is ready to deliver on its obligations in full, but we physically cannot do it,”Kiev military campaign spokesman Andrey Lysenko told TV channel 112.

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He cited the damage done to the offices of the state-owned bank responsible for delivering the pension as the main stumbling block. Rebel officials said most of the offices are in working order and ready to process the payments.

“The offices of the banks and the pension fund are fine. They have the necessary equipment and staff. Nobody has left even though Kiev has been trying to lure them away,” Denis Pushilin, a senior official in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic told RIA Novosti, inviting Lysenko to come and see for himself.

The Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko said in an interview that the pensions would only be paid after Kiev regains control over all the Donetsk and Lugansk regions: “When we are in power there and can ensure that the money gets through to the people.” He added that the alternative would be for pensioners to leave rebel-held areas and apply to the proper social security authority.

“We have no technical capability to send the money into the occupied territories,”he stated on the Ukraina TV channel.

Both the spokesman and the minister were commenting on last week’s ruling by a Kiev court, which said the November presidential decree ordering the payment of the pensions to be suspended was unconstitutional.

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“Pensions and social benefits from the state must be paid to all citizens who are entitled to them according to the Ukrainian constitution and laws in the entire territory of Ukraine as recognized by the authorities, regardless of where the persons entitled to such pensions and benefits live,” the ruling said.

The Ukrainian pension fund lacks some $3.4 billion it needs to pay all due pensions, Social Policy Minister Pavel Rozenko told the First National TV channel.

“Speaking plainly, the fund is bankrupt and without aid from the state this financial institution will not be able to continue to exist,”he said.

Amid the quarrel with Kiev over pension money, the Donetsk government said it would start paying pensions in April. This would require some $33 million each month and would provide retirement income for some 500,000 people, the self-proclaimed republic’s pension fund reported. The Lugansk government had intended to start paying pensions on April 3.


This doesn’t sound a very good way of spending money, nearly a million on a fence?  This seems hardly a priority  when troops need paying, miners need paying, infrastructure needs repairing which only goes to show how out of control this illegal Ukrainian government is.

Further is Yats is on the Ukrainian side? If so the top of the fence is pointing towards Ukraine, is this to stop Ukrainians from emigrating to Russia? He must be told that a fence from Epicentre won’t stop a T90.


This has been announced by assistant to the chairman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodian at a press conference today, Ukrinform correspondent reports. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has received 10 million UAH, which will allow resuming the active stage of engineering works in early April. In particular this applies to Kharkiv and Lugansk border detachments,” Slobodian said.

Date: March 26 2015
David Herszenhorn

Moscow:  In a carefully orchestrated spectacle calculated to dramatise a newly aggressive anti-corruption campaign, Ukrainian authorities arrested two senior government officials during a televised cabinet meeting.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was in the room, declared it a warning to public officials about abusing their offices or stealing from taxpayers.
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Are the Ukrainian people in the north more aggressive and hateful than the pro-Russian side of Ukraine? It certainly looks that way from the UK, perhaps its the pro Nazi repugnant whiff that seems to emanate from the Verkhovna Rada. There’s no doubt that America’s covert destabilization program is the governing factor here, they are so responsible for war crime and the complete destabilization of Europe.

The mainstream media have been taken over, now no different to Pravda in the Iron curtain days.

We in the West should be very very concerned, if America keep goading Putin he will react and he knows that’s exactly what they want. Thank God there’s some intelligence on one side at least.

Drunk driving is evidently to blame.

More drunk driving? This looks a little on purpose.

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