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Starts off quite friendly, then turns violent.

By 2025,  1 in 2 children born will have autism.


Catastrophe occurs when too many people refuse to accept that around us always are two universes at work. There is the cold, hard reality that underlies everything. And on the surface is a veil of deceit and compromise. The more humanity compromises vital truths in order to enjoy the comfort of illusions, the more mind-shattering it will be when those illusions fall away. These two worlds can coexist only for short periods of time, and they will always and eventually collide. There is no other possible outcome.

Walls come tumbling down.

Coming October 2014. Political power — armed central authority, with states and war — is it part of human nature? Is it necessary for human communities? Or is it a tool that ruling elites use to live at the expense of communities? A tool that does violence to human nature and the world?

I am no saint and certainly no Angel but for a while now I have made a conscious effort to be as honest and truthful in every aspect of my life.
This has just sort of “happened” all by its self, if I do lie even just a small white one, alarms seem to go off in my head and I automatically correct myself.
In the video clips below, there are some extreme cases of bulls**t especially the last one.
This is how the establishment feed you what they want you to think but the truth is you have to start thinking for yourselves.
Go ahead, switch off the TV and researching for yourself.

And the biggest lie of all.Don’t forget that if your government goes to war without reason than that can be classed as treason.

You now have the right to exercise section 61 of the Magna Carta
Which includes;
1.Full refusal to pay any forms of Tax, Fines and any other forms of monies to support and/or benefit said unlawful governance of this country.
2.Full refusal to abide by any Law, Legislation or Statutory Instrument invalidly put in place by said unlawful governance that is in breech of the Constitutional safeguard.
3.To hinder in any way possible all actions of the treasonous government of this land, who have breeched the Constitutional safeguard; defined with no form of violence in anyway, just lawful hindrance under freedom asserted by Constitutional Law and Article 61.

Some say Secession un American? Treason? As observers from the UK we consider Secession to be very American, it’s how US got freedom from England all those years ago. Ron here puts things into perspective. Thanks again from 


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