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Senior officials with the U.S. Department of Justice recently announced possible legal changes which could allow the government greater room to combat so-called “anti-government extremists”.

On Thursday February 4, Reuters reported that John Carlin, the Justice Department’s chief of national security, and federal prosecutors are looking for new tools to deal with the rise of “domestic extremists.”

They mean people that disagree with the “official version”


We’re talking about Tony Abbott, who just ruled from on high that there are no more exemptions from vaccines in Australia.

No more conscientious objections, no more religious exemptions.

Every family who refuses vaccinations for their children will lose up to $15,000 per year, per child, in federal support money.
Tony has officially ripped away citizens’ right to choose. Australia is now officially a medical police state.

In the name of 9/11, “wars have been waged, governments overthrown, and an untold number of lives sacrificed.” Yet 9/11 is an unsolved crime of terrorism and mass murder, with no trial and no serious investigation. This elaborately planned criminal deception was carried out “with the intention that the public would be deceived with a false explanation blaming the atrocity on Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaida….”

Christopher Bollyn states he has written “Solving 9-11: the Deception that Changed the World” because he could not remain indifferent and silent…”as the lies about 9/11 were used to wage wars of aggression and transform American into a police state.”

Obama’s Hypocrisy

Sorry for the wrong spelling. I’m sure you get the point x

Lets take more of your freedoms away. Classic problem, reaction, solution

Problem, Reation, Solution

Problem, Reation, Solution

The move follows Home Office officials reporting that police do not have enough firearms-trained officers to protect all potential targets.
Officers at the military’s Joint Headquarters drafted the plans in Civil Contingency Operations and have asked Army Headquarters in Andover, Hants, to identify available troops.

They will guard installations, with specialist intelligence units ­supporting the Home Office with surveillance and electronic interception.

In London, where Met Police have more than 2,000 gun-carrying cops, a special Counter Terrorist Unit has 250 officers trained in an “armed response role”.

A senior military officer said: “The delicate decision for politicians is when and how to use the Army without causing panic.

Police State France

Washington took full advantage of 9/11. police stateSweeping police state laws followed. They remain in place. Including the USA Patriot Act, eviscerating fundamental Bill of Rights freedoms. The Homeland Security Act, establishing a national Gestapo for the first time.

Various other measures targeting personal freedoms. Including unilateral executive judge, jury and executioner authority.

Rule of law protections no longer apply. Perhaps tougher laws will follow Wednesday’s Paris killings.

UK police state laws are some of the continent’s toughest. Including its 2005 Prevention of Terrorism Act. Eviscerating longstanding legal protections.

Including arbitrary house arrest. Electronic tagging. Prohibitions against free association. Travel restrictions. Electronic communication bans.

“Just one question, why do the police have to protect the army. Surely the army should be better equipped and better trained than the police. Seems not”.

Amid the pomp and ceremony of Changing the Guard, they stand out from the hundreds of tourists.
Armed to the teeth with firepower, the beefed-up police firearms officers are helping protect our soldiers from “IMAGINED” terror attack.
Police carrying powerful Heckler and Koch G36C semi-automatic rifles and Glock 17 9mm pistols patrolled on Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, central London, earlier today.

I know what it is like to have someone come at you with a knife and it is extremely scary. If i had a gun at the time i don’t think i would have used it when it happened to me. Not because i didn’t think it would be the best way of protecting myself, but because of the consequences of my actions would have left me in a prison cell.
So i defended myself with my knowledge and my hands. The person is still alive with nothing broken but his pride, and i’m living a normal life.
These cops have no conflict resolution skills whatsoever. They are unprofessional and unfit to do the job they are supposed to be doing.
These cops do not have to face any consequences to their actions, the people do.

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