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The Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed it has received a second challenge to its decision not to bring charges against Sir Cliff Richard over historic sex abuse allegations.
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Hardly anything gets me more upset than the in-your-face paedophelia issue: the disgustingly obvious truth of it, the massive cover up and denial, and most of all the prosecution and abuse by authorities of the very victims of these crimes. In any other universe these people would be cared for, lovingly listened to, and protected.

Today? It’s the bizarro world of muzzle and kill the good people and let the devils run amok.


If you’re not outraged you’re not fucking paying attention!

The video below is of child abuse survivor Melanie Shaw

These are the people that protected the likes of Jimmy Savile. And they want every household in the land to pay for their atrocities.

Speaking on BBC1’s the Andrew Marr Show, Lord Hall said a ‘household tax’ – as proposed by the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee – was a ‘very interesting idea’.


And you (the tax payer) have to pay for it Ha Ha Ha. FUCK YOU

And you (the tax payer) have to pay for it Ha Ha Ha. FUCK YOU

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