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The Art Of David Dees

Welcome to dystopia – where anything goes as long as it’s according to plan. Not a natural one, but a fabricated design. This obviously staged and protracted hysteria in Paris is the latest of a long line of manufactured events intended to throw humanity into complete disorientation and vulnerablity.

This is what social engineering is all about, creating an atmosphere where whatever meme or intentioned mechanism they wish to introduce into the ongoing narrative is most readily received.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” —William Casey (CIA Director)


You’ll see more truth in 10 minutes from RT in this interview than in 10 years of watching the Fake News in the USA!   RT just made our news look like the disgusting lying pigs they are as they put on Geared O’Colman in Paris!  I’ve never seen this guy before but he really impressed me!  You’ve got to watch this interview and share it around because I’ve never seen somebody destroy the lies about everything so quickly.  In just 10 minutes he brought out the truth that France is knee deep  in Syrian evil as well as funding other terrorists in Africa and the Middle East!

Watch Gearoid rock the truth and notice the difference between RT and our scum media like Faux News.  On Faux, they constantly interrupt their guests especially if they aren’t saying the propaganda properly but here, you get to hear Gerooid O’Colman for 10 solid minutes with only a few questions from the host.  Can you imagine the Zio fangs coming out if this guy went on the Zionist Mossad operation at Fox?  They would lose their mind and be foaming at the mouth!

Geared O’Colman Just Destroyed the CIA Fake News on RT in this Video!  SHARE!

No self-respecting suicide bomber wouldn’t leave home without it

We’ve heard this one before, but this time they are doubling down on this all-too familiar set piece.
Watch a video of this report here:

Details are emerging after last night’s horrific events in Paris, and one particular item of investigation is all too familiar.
AFP, RT, Reuters, ITV, Sky News, AP, Fox News and Sputnik, are all reporting that a Syrian passport was found either on, or near, the body of one of the suicide bombers in Paris.
For those of you unaware, this story is a mirror image of another that surfaced on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.
Apparently, according to CBS, “a passerby found the passport of one of the hijackers” on the street just hours after the 9/11 attacks.
Interestingly, in the same breath, a FOX News reporter speaking about the story says that the building it supposedly came from was completely engulfed in fire.
How would a passport survive the ordeal of being crashed into a building while inside a plane loaded with jet fuel?
This story was eventually buried and given very little coverage at all by media outlets.
This theme was repeated last January in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo Attack, when one of the alleged gunman’s ID card was magically left on the seat of their ‘get-away’ car. This convenient placement was used to establishment the ‘terrorists link’ to Yemen and the illusive “al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula”.
However, with events in Paris, mainstream media seems to be doubling down on this latest ‘magic passport’ story.


Lets take more of your freedoms away. Classic problem, reaction, solution

Problem, Reation, Solution

Problem, Reation, Solution

The move follows Home Office officials reporting that police do not have enough firearms-trained officers to protect all potential targets.
Officers at the military’s Joint Headquarters drafted the plans in Civil Contingency Operations and have asked Army Headquarters in Andover, Hants, to identify available troops.

They will guard installations, with specialist intelligence units ­supporting the Home Office with surveillance and electronic interception.

In London, where Met Police have more than 2,000 gun-carrying cops, a special Counter Terrorist Unit has 250 officers trained in an “armed response role”.

A senior military officer said: “The delicate decision for politicians is when and how to use the Army without causing panic.

I have some concerns about the video below.
Now this man pulls the trigger at 12 seconds in, and apparently shoots the policeman in the head.
As far as i can tell (but i’m no expert) He shoots him in the head, at very close range with an extremely high powered AK47 rifle. As i said, i’m no expert but his head should have exploded, and without wanting to sound to graphic, there should have been brains, bone and a tremendous amount of blood sprayed over the pavement.
Also if you slow the shot down when the trigger is pulled, there is a puff of smoke to the right of the policeman, if this is the bullet that went through his head, there would be a river of blood all over the place.
Also, the camera person seems very calm, and doesn’t even react when the trigger is pulled.
I maybe cynical, but yet again something doesn’t seem to add up.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of anyone that may have lost their lives x

They just can’t seem to get it right.

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