American Special Forces Soldier rescued the girl from the Ukrainian army and sided with the militia of Donbass
American soldier Russell Mohsen, who was sent to Ukraine on the side of Pro – Kiev punishers,he joined the People’s Army of Donbass,reports “Channel Zvezda”.

According to the Internet edition, Moden was sent to the Ukrainian document to the front to fight the against the militia of Donbass. However, on Wednesday, May 27, when you try to Ukrainian officer to rape a girl Anastasia Gavrilenko, he killed a soldier, and then fled in the direction of the front (another proof of the presence of NATO troops in the Ukraine).


“It was not hard to get away from the location, despite the fact that there was a girl with me,” – said the US Soldier.
According to the portal, Modena, tired of looking at bullying over the local population which makes Ukrainian soldiers, the American is now joined to fight for the militia.
On the Internet there was a photograph which depicts American Soldier and Woman Anastasia on the background of the USA flag – to show that “on both sides there are real people.”



Kerry to Lavrov: Ignore Obama’s naming of Russia on top threats list


The Russian Foreign Minister has said it is “absolutely necessary” to avoid steps that could further harm the ailing relations between Russia and the US. He spoke at a media briefing following lengthy talks with his US counterpart.

US Secretary of State John Kerry made his official visit to Sochi on Tuesday, the first visit by a senior American official to Russia since the start of the Ukrainian turmoil in 2014 and the resulting plummet in relations between Moscow and Washington.

Addressing the media after the talks, both diplomats stressed that they were on common ground with regards to many issues, including the situation in Syria and the threat of Islamic State terrorists in the region, as well as the Iranian nuclear deal. They also discussed the developing conflict in Yemen.

John Kerry thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for the “directness” he showed during the talks, and the “detailed explanation of Russia’s position” on the issues that are causing divisions.