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Review into the morale of junior doctors

Surely he can’t be serious!!!! the morals of others

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been ridiculed for announcing a government review into the morale of junior doctors on the same day he said a new, deeply unpopular contract would be forced upon them.

Hunt told the House of Commons the review will look at doctors’ quality of life and well-being, including inflexibility around annual leave, separation from family members and lack of notice about hospital placements a long way from home.


Putting fluoride in the water everywhere would save the NHS millions ‘by halving the number of people needing tooth extractions’

What a croc of shit

You can read more of this crap HERE


I know the voice-over can be annoying, but the information is priceless.

Larger Than Ever, Big Banks Poised to Fail Again

Watch the Prime Minister get heckled as he tries to answer questions on the NHS during Age UK’s General Election Rally

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