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So this is what we’ve come to expect from the far right wing Nazi armies that threaten not only the people of the Donbass but also the current USA led Government. The independant Nazi battalions have already made threats towards Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk to march into Maidan and take over the Verkhovna Rada.

June 18, 2015

(Originally published June 17, 2015)


Translated by Kristina Rus

The commander and 8 fighters from battalion “Tornado” have been detained for torture and rape of residents of Lugansk region

On June 17  the commander and eight fighters of the notorious so-called special purpose patrol service battalion “Tornado” have been detained.

This was reported to UNN agency in the Main military prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.

Among the detainees — the commander and soldiers of “Tornado” company, who were previously repeatedly sentenced for serious crimes. Now the commander is suspected of organizing a criminal gang on the basis of police company for the purpose of committing such crimes as rape, torture, kidnapping of the inhabitants of the Lugansk region, who live on the territory controlled by Ukraine. These crimes have been recorded on cell phones of the soldier-suspects of “Tornado” company.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated under articles 255, 365, 146 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Also the Main military prosecutor’s office reported that the acting company commander refused to allow investigators to conduct searches of the territory of “Tornado” company.

Currently the commander of “Tornado” is under arrest.

“Tornado” is a gang created by the infamous Ruslan Onishchenko, nicknamed “Abelmas” — the criminal chief of Torez and former head of the disbanded for atrocities against the civilian population in Donbass, “Shakhtersk” battalion .

Earlier Onishchenko was in the headlines due to a leak from “Cyberberkut”, which published his promises that every fighter of his gang after victory will receive a kopanka [a small illegal coal mine] in Donbass and two slaves from among the local residents.

KR: Recent events in Ukraine indicate a coordinated attempt to draw a line between the current Kiev authorities and their faithful servants, notorious for their atrocities and embarrassing ideology, whose services are no longer required after a successful coup and a failed attempt to capture Donbass. Reports of their atrocities are getting harder to deny and  hide and don’t show the Kiev junta in a good light. Who wins in this battle between the moderate and the radical neo-Nazis remains to be seen.

But unfortunately what escapes common attention is that the sentiments expressed by these elements were the reason why Donbass rebelled (against it’s own annihilation).

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko requests the supreme court of Ukraine to declare that his predecessor, Viktor Yanukovych, was overthrown by an illegal operation; in other words, that the post-Yanukovych government, including Poroshenko’s own Presidency, came into power from a coup, not from something democratic, not from any authentic constitutional process at all.

In a remarkable document, which is not posted at the English version of the website of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, but which is widely reported outside the United States, including Russia, Poroshenko, in Ukrainian (not in English), has petitioned the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (as it is being widely quoted in English):

“I ask the court to acknowledge that the law ‘on the removal of the presidential title from Viktor Yanukovych’ as unconstitutional.”


I had previously reported, and here will excerpt, Poroshenko’s having himself admitted prior to 26 February 2014, to the EU’s investigator, and right after the February 22nd overthrow of Yanukovych, that the overthrow was a coup, and that it was even a false-flag operation, in which the snipers, who were dressed as if they were Ukrainian Security Bureau troops, were actually not, and that, as the EU’s investigator put his finding to the EU’s chief of foreign affairs Catherine Ashton [and with my explanatory annotations here]:

“the same oligarch [Poroshenko — and so when he became President he already knew this] told that well, all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers, from both sides, among policemen and people from the streets, [this will shock Ashton, who had just said that Yanukovych had masterminded the killings] that they were the same snipers, killing people from both sides [so, Poroshenko himself knows that his regime is based on a false-flag U.S.-controlled coup d’etat against his predecessor]. … Behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition.”

This was when Ashton first learned that the myth that Yanukovych had been overthrown as a result of public outrage at his having rejected the EU’s offer of membership to Ukraine was just a hoax. (Actually, the planning for this coup was already under way in the U.S. Embassy by at least early 2013, well prior to Yanukovych’s EU decision. Furthermore, the Ukrainian public’s approval of the government peaked right after Yanukovych announced his rejection of the EU’s offer, but then the U.S.-engineered“Maidan” riots caused that approval to plunge.)

If the Court grants Poroshenko’s petition, then the appointment of Arseniy Yatsenyuk by the U.S. State Department’s Victoria Nuland on 4 February 2014, which was confirmed by the Ukrainian parliament (or Rada) at the end of the coup on February 26th, and the other appointments which were made, including that of Oleksandr Turchynov to fill in for Yanukovych as caretaker President until one of the junta’s chosen candidates would be ‘elected’ on May 25th of 2014, which ‘election’ Poroshenko won — all of this was illegal.

However, this illegality had already been known. It was already explained in detail on 28 February 2014, that, “Yanukovych’s removal was unconstitutional.” That’s for lawyers; but, now, finally, Ukraine’s Constitutional Court is faced with the shocking predicament of Ukraine’s own President, who won his post as a result of this coup, requesting them to “acknowledge” that it was a coup, much as the founder of the “private CIA” firm Stratfor had even called it, “the most blatant coup in history.” (It was that because the authentic video and other evidence of its having been a Washington job was so massive.)

Also in the news now is that Dmitriy Yarosh‘s Right Sector — the same group that Washington had hired for the coup and for the ethnic cleansing campaign in Ukraine’s former Donbass region — have announced that they will assemble in Kiev on July 3rd to overthrow Petroshenko unless he restarts right now the war against Donbass. The people whom Washington paid to oust Yanukovych are planning to do the same to Poroshenko. There is a struggle inside the Obama Administration about how far they can successfully go with their Ukrainian nazis not formally leading the country.

Washington is having a hard time keeping in line the Ukrainian nazis upon whom Washington’s plan for Ukraine has been based. Ukraine’s nazis are thirsting for Russian blood, and want to slake their thirst faster than the Obama Administration is willing to go along with. Washington’s previous “F—k the EU!” hasn’t worked as well as they had hoped. There is thus increasingly bad blood between the Obama Administration and the Ukrainian enforcers upon whom Obama has been relying.

Basically, Poroshenko now is torn between the EU, on one side, and Ukraine’s well-armed nazis, on the other; and, thus far, the ultimate decider, U.S. President Obama, who has needed cooperation both from Ukraine’s nazis and from the EU, in order for his Ukrainian gambit against Russia to work, is on the fence between those two sides. John Kerry sides with the EU; Victoria Nuland sides with the nazis. But Obama himself hasn’t yet played his hand.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of  Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics. 

POROSHENKO and YASENYUK have rivers of blood on their hands……..

The Azov Battalion, Nazis, Kolomoyski, Burisma Holdings, the Bidens & Neocons in Ukraine

Tensions mount as 5 regiments close in on Kiev after their Patron Nalyvaychenko resigned yesterday from his post as head of the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine). With discussion exhausted and the Regiments defying to lay down arms this is beginning to look as though escalation is unavoidable and the outcome could be dire for the continuing de-stabilisation. One wonders if Kerry Nuland Biden Soros foresore this and if it was part of their original takeover plans?

The US have been niggling Poroshenko to disband these private Nazi Armies for some time so the directive did come from the US originally, makes one think.

News is breaking that Ukrainian troops have now surrounded the HQ of Tornado Regiment and they have two days get out and lay down their arms. Will these Regiments obey? Most of these Regiments are fanatical neo Nazis so I don’t hold out too much hope.

Are we now going to see more bloodshed the Kiev side of Ukraine as this cowboy act of a government squabble amongst themselves, at least the Ukraine troops might now learn how to kill soldiers rather than civilians.

Sources #‎BREAKING‬—‪#‎Tornado‬ Battalion, surrounded by ‪#‎Ukraine‬|ian sec. forces, has asked for assistance from ‪#‎PraviySector‬. https://youtu.be/Ncne7_tb-nw . #BREAKING Surrounded convicts-turned cops Tornado battalion fired at an UAV of #Ukraine‘s Interior Ministry https://twitter.com/GazetaRu/status/611602717421740033 … Ukraine Nazi Tornado battalion revolts, threatens to use weapons against Kiev operatives… http://fb.me/4koAaeIgh . Ukrainian Volunteer Battalion Mines Base, Threatens to Fire on Gov’t Forces http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150618/1023545492.html … Source: Regiment “Azov” battalions “Tornado” and “Aydar” go to Kiev. APU is trying to block the fellow Nalyvaychenko http://jpgazeta.ru/istochnik-polk-azov-batalonyi-tornado-i…/ …

This evening “Tornado”, “Aidar”, “Donbass”, “Kiev” and “Azov” regiment hastily moved towards Kiev in connection with the resignation of their patron.

Volunteers of Ukrainian Azov regiment attend a ceremony before their departure to the east of Ukraine after taking part in trainings at their base in Kiev on May 7, 2015.Ukrainian and separatist representatives met in Minsk on May 6, 2015 for the first time since the two sides inked a shaky peace deal in February that dampened much of the fighting but failed to halt clashes at key hotspots. AFP PHOTO/GENYA SAVILOV

Volunteers of Ukrainian Azov regiment attend a ceremony before their departure to the east of Ukraine after taking part in trainings at their base in Kiev on May 7, 2015.Ukrainian and separatist representatives met in Minsk on May 6, 2015 for the first time since the two sides inked a shaky peace deal in February that dampened much of the fighting but failed to halt clashes at key hotspots. AFP PHOTO/GENYA SAVILOV

“Tornado” given two days to surrender”

Ukraine’s Tornado battalion fighters threaten to use weapons against Kiev operatives

The Ukrainian military revolted after they had learnt that Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov was planning to disband the Tornado battalion.

© Valery Sharifulin/TASS

KIEV, June 18 /TASS/. Members of Ukraine’s Tornado battalion have locked themselves up at a base located in a school building in Severodonetsk, the Kiev-controlled part of the Luhansk region, and have threatened to use weapons against Ukraine’s Interior Ministry employees sent to pacify them, Ukraine’s Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said on Thursday.

The Ukrainian military revolted after they had learnt that Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov was planning to disband the Tornado battalion, Matios said in an interview with the Ukrainskaya Pravda daily.

He added that Avakov had sent one of his deputies, the heads of the internal and public security departments as well as representatives of the National Guard to Severodonetsk to disarm the Tornado fighters.

According to Matios, there are 170 people on the base’s territory.

“Huge amounts of weapons and ammunition are stored at the base. The Tornado fighters have planted mines along the perimeter of the base and have installed firing points and automatic grenade launchers in certain places. They have practically blocked the approach to the base. They have threatened to shoot if any decisive actions against them are taken or if and investigator and operational teams make an attempt to approach the base,” Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor stressed.

“I believe that we are obliged to act in strict compliance with the law and immediately disarm this group that has disobeyed and is refusing to fulfill orders,” Matios said adding the Interior Ministry employees would have to return fire in case of an armed resistance.

He noted that a considerable part of the Tornado battalion was made of former convicts, many of whom have long criminal records.

Please awaken people to the fact of these atrocities by the US Ukraine puppet govt.


How the Ukraine govt views People of the Donbass

Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk calls residents of south-east ‘subhumans’ – See more at: http://english.pravda.ru/news/world/16-06-2014/127801-subhumans_ukraine-0/#sthash.EW821jj2.dpuf

Arseny Yatsenyuk, Rada-appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine, used the Nazi word ‘subhumans’ in relation to residents of the south-east of the country in official comments on the webpage of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States.

One of Yatsenyuk’s quotes contains the word “subhuman.” In the same statement, the so-called prime minister promised to destroy all those, who kill Ukrainian military men and then “cleanse the earth from evil,” Lifenews reports.

Mass riots in front of the Parliament building in Kiev: tyres are burning once again

Traffic along Hrushevskyi Street is blocked. Police units have been summoned to the center of the city.

The Verkhovna Rada approved the draft law No 1558-1 on restructuring of obligations in foreign currency.

227 MPs voted in favour of this decision.

The draft law had been put forward for the third reading.

After that the protesters rallying near the Parliament building renewed the manifestation.

Police is preparing to use fire hydrants at the crossing of Shovkovychna an Hrushevskyi Street. Several protesters had been detained.

The protesters throw smoke pellets and bottles with Molotov’s cocktail.

Paramedics provide first aid to one of the injured protesters on the stairs of the building.

Policemen keep on detaining the most aggressive protesters.

The fire brigade has not yet managed to put off the burning tyres.



Novorossiya army have hunted down a Ukranian Army sabotage & recon Platoon

2 KIA & 2 retreated back to Kiev Occupied Territory..
They must have been monitoring Troop movements & testing defences..
I have a feeling an Offensive with start soon….






Are the Ukrainian people in the north more aggressive and hateful than the pro-Russian side of Ukraine? It certainly looks that way from the UK, perhaps its the pro Nazi repugnant whiff that seems to emanate from the Verkhovna Rada. There’s no doubt that America’s covert destabilization program is the governing factor here, they are so responsible for war crime and the complete destabilization of Europe.

The mainstream media have been taken over, now no different to Pravda in the Iron curtain days.

We in the West should be very very concerned, if America keep goading Putin he will react and he knows that’s exactly what they want. Thank God there’s some intelligence on one side at least.

Drunk driving is evidently to blame.

More drunk driving? This looks a little on purpose.

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