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Now i’m certainly no lover of the Sun newspaper, but why shoot the messenger? Seems like there is a diversion tactic to take the emphasis away from the perpetrator.

The Queen is said to be ‘livid’ over leaked footage of her being taught how to perform a Nazi salute in 1933 as Buckingham Palace launches an investigation into how the clip ended up in the hands of The Sun.
The palace is considering legal action and has begun an inquiry into whether there was ‘any criminality’ involved in obtaining the 17-second film clip, which belongs in the family’s highly-restricted private archive.
And the Queen herself was said to have been deeply saddened that the clip had emerged, especially because it also showed the Queen Mother joining in, and has demanded that the source of the leak be found.


The book burning begins

America’s descent into a totalitarian regime of hysterical thought police is nearly complete. In just the last 72 hours, total P.C. insanity has swept the nation and all its big retailers as howling leftist maniacs have used the label “tolerance” to initiate what can only be called a modern-day book burning and Orwellian censorship of artistic expression:

book burning nazi

spot the diff

Travel by train, tram or bus to destinations in central England and you are220513checkpoint3 increasingly likely to be greeted by Britain’s ‘yellowjackets’: the high-visibility uniforms of Britain’s police force.

‘Airport-style’ security checkpoints are being rolled out at local bus and train stations up and down the UK after local pilot schemes conducted over the last two years were deemed a success by police.

The checkpoints comprise metal detector arches, drug-sniffing dogs , police pat-downs and bag searches. The reason? To “help people who use public transport feel safer.”
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On 8 May 2013, “an 83-year-old nun, Sister Megan Rice, who broke into a Tennessee depleted uranium storage facility in 2012 …. exposing a massive security hole at the nation’s only facility used to store radioactive conventional munitions, was convicted and sentenced to a term of up to 20 years in prison.”

Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.
Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.
Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.
Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.
Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.
Nazi obama
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