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Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist and author has provided us with some invaluable information here. A very brave man, absolute respect.

Here we go again.

You would have thought that the MSM would have toned things down a bit by now.

Fat chance of that apparently.

So, for as long as they keep publishing their shite, I will keep on attacking it.

Now, like I have said previously, I am sure that Lee Rigby was a nice lad but the MSM are determined to elevate him to god-like status. And, by doing so, they are only helping to crank up the racial tension already at boiling point in this country.

As i drove past my local newsagent today, the billboard outside said “Mosque under attack in retaliation for Woolwich MURDER” and as i drove past the mosque it looked as beautiful as ever.
Do you see their strategy? or are you still ignoring their bullshit?

At last some evidence. It’s difficult to get people to believe that mainstream news lies in the most heinous of stories, something that has been culturally the substantiation of the truth for many decades, “Of course it was true, I saw it on the tele!”.

Well, those days are over, please get this out there and be gentle and patient with those who all their life have believed in something that wasn’t real. For them it can feel like they’re having their life foundations taken away, “Well what, who do we believe then?”

The mainstream media would have you believe in fear, they keep trying to ram it down your throats.
That’s not the only way, there is another choice.

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