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While Marijuana, a plant that no one has ever overdosed on is illegal.Oxycontin The food and drug administration have approved a (CD) controlled drug, which is given to cancer patients for extreme pain control and is highly addictive, for 11 year old children to get of their heads on.

Try giving your child hemp oil which will not harm them at all, but is highly effective, you run the risk of going to prison and having your children taken off you and put in to care




A Seattle architect named Katrina Spade has proposed a new solution for urban food production: convert the recently deceased into nutritious compost to feed the food crops.

The project is called the Urban Death Project, and it describes the process of turning dead humans into food as follows:

Turning us all in to cannibals without our consent. Yet who in their right mind would consent to this?


Sorry Jean Luc, i'm affraid not

Sorry Jean Luc, i’m affraid not

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