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This thing Erdogan has got to be one of the most cruel manipulative leaders we have seen since Hitler, untrustworthy and a liar to boot.

Perverted truth: How rebel mourning MH17 victims was turned into looter with trophy

Source RT

“Pro Russian holds up stuffed toy like trophy. Mr @PutinRF_Eng, are you proud of your compatriots?” wrote a twitter user John Gosling.

A photo signed “pro-Russian fighter holds up a toy found among the debris at the crash site of MH17” has been used by such major media outlets as the BBC and NBC. Some outlets went as far as to say that ‘pro-Russian fighters’ were collecting the belongings of passengers of the doomed Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight.




I worked for these guys ten years in the days of Fleet Street and the Wine Press, there was still such thing as journalism at the time. Seems journalism died on the way to Docklands, once a revered part of British culture its now as relevant as the Beano is to world current affairs. Never thought I’d be saying this…..


If this guy was Pinocchio, (too many jokes, too little time)

Deny Deny Deny

He has asserted repeatedly that, as head of the BBC, current New York Times Company CEO Mark Thompson had never heard about allegations of child sexual abuse by the late British television personality Jimmy Savile, but once more those assertions are coming under scrutiny on the heels of new information suggesting otherwise.
bbc lies
Read on….

They had the knowledge, they have our money, they are paid to protect us let alone our children.
The scum just say “Mistakes were made”. What about the mistakes that they are still making when covering the depth of this up.
They know the names of the politicians and royalty that are involved, i guess they are not learning by their mistakes.
savile letter

Iran Is Not My Enemy

Why would i have an enemy?

At last some evidence. It’s difficult to get people to believe that mainstream news lies in the most heinous of stories, something that has been culturally the substantiation of the truth for many decades, “Of course it was true, I saw it on the tele!”.

Well, those days are over, please get this out there and be gentle and patient with those who all their life have believed in something that wasn’t real. For them it can feel like they’re having their life foundations taken away, “Well what, who do we believe then?”

I am no saint and certainly no Angel but for a while now I have made a conscious effort to be as honest and truthful in every aspect of my life.
This has just sort of “happened” all by its self, if I do lie even just a small white one, alarms seem to go off in my head and I automatically correct myself.
In the video clips below, there are some extreme cases of bulls**t especially the last one.
This is how the establishment feed you what they want you to think but the truth is you have to start thinking for yourselves.
Go ahead, switch off the TV and researching for yourself.

And the biggest lie of all.Don’t forget that if your government goes to war without reason than that can be classed as treason.

You now have the right to exercise section 61 of the Magna Carta
Which includes;
1.Full refusal to pay any forms of Tax, Fines and any other forms of monies to support and/or benefit said unlawful governance of this country.
2.Full refusal to abide by any Law, Legislation or Statutory Instrument invalidly put in place by said unlawful governance that is in breech of the Constitutional safeguard.
3.To hinder in any way possible all actions of the treasonous government of this land, who have breeched the Constitutional safeguard; defined with no form of violence in anyway, just lawful hindrance under freedom asserted by Constitutional Law and Article 61.

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