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. John Allen was convicted of 33 sex offences against children in his care
. 73-year-old had been convicted twice before and spent six years in jailJohn Allen
. He faced 44 charges in 2003 but judge said he would not get a fair trial
. Went into hiding but arrested again and due to be sentenced tomorrow
. Council leader now claims he supplied boys for Westminster sex parties
. Allegedly helped transfer boys to Dolphin Square in central London
. It is at centre of allegations that MPs used the venue as flats for sex abuse

A predatory paedophile who built up an established network of care homes has been accused of supplying boys for Westminster sex parties.
John Allen, 73, was convicted last week at Mold Crown Court of 33 sex offences against children in his care.
The court heard how he ran an oppressive regime where he deprived children who spoke out against the abuse of food and water.
He has now been named by a former council leader as being suspected of supplying boys to other paedophiles, including those allegedly held for prominent politicians at Dolphin Square in central London.
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A former millionaire who abused vulnerable children in his network of community care homes was found guiltytoday of 26 counts of child sex offences, becoming the first person prosecuted following an ongoing investigation into historical child abuse in north Wales.
John Allen
John Allen, 73, created a “culture of fear” over so many years that his victims became “hardened to the abuse”, a court heard.

Allen, who also managed pop bands, had denied 40 charges of sexual abuse against 19 boys and a girl – aged between seven and 15 at the time – while he ran Bryn Alyn Community children’s homes in and around Wrexham between 1968 and 1991.

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