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Review into the morale of junior doctors

Surely he can’t be serious!!!! the morals of others

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been ridiculed for announcing a government review into the morale of junior doctors on the same day he said a new, deeply unpopular contract would be forced upon them.

Hunt told the House of Commons the review will look at doctors’ quality of life and well-being, including inflexibility around annual leave, separation from family members and lack of notice about hospital placements a long way from home.


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is to issue a humiliating apology after The Mail on Sunday exposed him for misleading the House of Commons over who will foot the huge compensation bill for victims of Jimmy Savile.
In a statement to the House last week, Mr Hunt pledged that Savile’s charities are responsible for paying up to £40 million due. But this newspaper can reveal that the charities are exempt – and that it is the NHS which is liable.
The Mail on Sunday has also learnt that a further bill, which may eventually be as large, will be met by BBC licence fee payers.

And you (the tax payer) have to pay for it Ha Ha Ha. FUCK YOU. What doya think of that then Guys and Gals

And you (the tax payer) have to pay for it Ha Ha Ha. What do ya think of that then Guys ‘n’ Gals



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