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Unprecedented volcano warning near Japan’s only restarted nuke plant — Mountain is swelling, expanding — Large amounts of magma causing ‘sudden crustal movement’ — Gov’t Now: Extremely high risk of major eruption… Gov’t Before Nuke Restart: “Little chance of major eruption”


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Nearly four years have passed and the background intel chat is now coming to the fore. It’s beginning to look as though the US led a HAARP attack on Japan causing a nine magnitude Quake, the epicenter of the earthquake was some 100 klms west of the Ring of Fire Fault line.


The destructive nature of this event was devastating creating a massive Tsunami which hit the power plant causing full melt down in three reactors.

Why would the US attack Japan using HAARP?

Japan is producing vehicles that don’t use any gasoline – not a drop. No gasoline means zero emissions and zero oil revenue. The US attacked Iraq and Libya for one reason only – OIL!

Why spend trillions of dollars on wars of terror to seize control of the oil in the Middle East if the demand would drop drastically with the introduction of vehicles that uses zero gasoline?

The US used HAARP in an attack against Japan to protect its financial interests in the Middle East. The Japan Earthquake was created to kill the production of Japan’s all-electric and hydrogen fueled cars. Cars like the hydrogen fueled car – the Honda FCX Clarity.

The FCX Clarity demonstrates electric car qualities such as zero emissions while offering 5 minute refueling times, 134 horsepower and long range in a full function large sedan. In 2010, it is reported that there were a total of 50 FCX Clarity available for lease in the U.S with a target to have 200 available world-wide.

The Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell-electric vehicle was chosen as the pace car for the opening race of the 2011 IZOD IndyCar Series, from March 25-27 2011. This is the first-time a hydrogen-powered vehicle would pace an IZOD IndyCar Series race in the United States.

Propelled by an electric motor that runs on electricity generated in a fuel cell, the FCX Clarity’s only emission is water and its fuel efficiency is three times that of a similar-sized petrol-powered automobile.

The FCX Clarity’s performance and acceleration are comparable to a 2.4-litre, 4-cylinder engine with an EPA certified range of 240 miles.

The compact and powerful Honda V Flow Fuel Cell Stack allows for unprecedented spaciousness and a futuristically stylish, low-slung design and spacious interior.

Since the vehicle’s unveiling there were nearly 80,000 people around the world who expressed interest in owning a FCX Calrity. 80,000 people who won’t be buying any more gasoline once they take possession.

How much do you pay every week for gas?

Multiply the amount you spend on gas every week by 52 – that would equal to the amount of money you spend on gasoline every year. For example – I spend an average of $40 a week on gasoline x 52 = $2080 a year. Now multiply the amount of gas you spend every year by 80,000.

Using my gasoline usage per year that would mean $166.4 million a year. With the price of fuel being $5 a gallon how long do you think it would take before 80,000 people becomes 80 million people? 80 million x $2080 = $166.4 billion a year.

There were an estimated 254.4 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States according to a 2007 DOT study. Using that figure take 254 million x $2080 (what I pay a year in fuel cost) = $528.32 billion / year.

Whether it’s $166.4 million, or $166.4 billion or $528.32 billion a year what you have is motive for the United States to attack Japan using the earthquake creating HAARP.

Last week the Japanese government asked Japan’s third-biggest utility company to shut its Hamaoka nuclear power plant, citing a government study (data provided by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) which is a scientific agency of the United States government) that claimed an 87 percent likelihood of a magnitude-8 earthquake striking the area within 30 years.

Chubu Electric serves central Japan, including Aichi prefecture where Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki have factories.

All 4 Japanese automakers will no doubt suffer major financial loses as a result of the nuclear plant shut down. Also, electronics makers Panasonic, Toshiba and Fujitsu have factories that will be affected by the shut down.

HAARP was used by the US government against Japan to wipe out the more fuel efficient Japanese automakers and to prevent the World from dropping gasoline fueled vehicles for Japanese made all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Jumpin Jap Crash over Gas Gas Gas

Airlines will have to warn China of their flight plans before entering airspace in the East China Sea, aviation officials have said, after it declared the creation of an “air defence zone” over islands that are also claimed by Japan.

Beijing announced co-ordinates for the zone on Saturday, along with rules ordering all aircraft to notify Chinese authorities as they entered – warning that it would take “defensive emergency measures” if necessary.That sparked an angry response from Tokyo, which has administrative control of the uninhabited outcrops, and strong words from Washington.

China and Japan have been locked in a row over the rocky islets known as the Senkaku by the Japanese or the Diaoyu by the Chinese for years. They are surrounded by fisheries and other natural resources.

A transport ministry official in Seoul told Reuters that South Korean planes flying in the zone would notify China’s civil aviation authorities of their flight plans, as would Taiwanese carriers, according to officials in Taipei – which also claims the islands. A Japanese official said companies there would probably need to inform China. The zone covers an area roughly two-thirds the size of the UK.

The Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, described the measure in parliament on Monday as unenforceable and dangerous.

“It’s a unilateral step, changing the status quo in the East China Sea … It escalates the situation and could lead to an unexpected occurrence of accidents in the airspace,” he said.

The US secretaries of state and defence both issued statements at the weekend expressing deep concern about the new zone, with John Kerry warning: “Escalatory action will only increase tensions in the region and create risks of an incident.”


China hit back, with its state news agency Xinhua reporting that the foreign ministry had summoned Japan’s ambassador to complain about “unreasonable accusations”. A ministry spokesman earlier said it had lodged representations with the US ambassador.

“We reiterate that the purpose of China’s approach is to defend national sovereignty and territorial airspace security, maintain the order of airspace flight, and is an effective exercise of our right of self defence,” defence ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said in a statement.

He urged the US to “not take sides, not make inappropriate remarks and not give the wrong signal to Japan and encourage [its] risky behaviour”.

Tensions over the islets escalated last year when Japan bought three of them from a private landowner, saying it was trying to prevent nationalists from purchasing them. China accused it of changing the status quo and there were widespread anti-Japanese protests. Behind the dispute lies broader concern in the region about China’s growing power and assertiveness, particularly on maritime issues. On the Japanese side, Abe has a hawkish reputation and has sought to beef up defence capabilities since taking office almost a year ago.

“Xi Jinping is developing foreign policy with a great power mindset and people need to get their heads around that,”

said Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt, Asia-Pacific director at the US Institute of Peace.

“They don’t foresee any real negative consequences [from the zone]. They certainly didn’t predict the level of pushback [from the US] – but they don’t feel they need bother to budge. Since Japan does not admit the dispute they are under no pressure to have direct talks with Japan.”

But she added: “I think there are a lot of people in China who think they can control escalation. I don’t think that’s the case necessarily.

“An unexpected aerial encounter certainly carries greater risk of a clash than anything maritime. The risks are far greater when there are reduced decision-making times and the like.”

Earlier this year, Japan scrambled jets after Chinese planes and an unidentified drone flew near the disputed islands.

Western diplomats have said they are concerned that China has underestimated both Japan’s maritime capabilities and US commitment to supporting Japan.

The area designated by China overlaps with similar zones established years ago by Japan and South Korea.

In its announcement on Saturday, China’s defence ministry said it would set up other such zones when preparations were finalised. Beijing also claims much of the South China Sea, important for its shipping routes and rich energy resources, where a multi-party sovereignty dispute involves the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.


This Kim Yung Un guy is really asking for it isn’t he and thank god the bigger nations arn’t taking the bait …… yet.

What if Kim Yung Un actually believes DPRK is bigger than all the super powers, if that’s what your told from birth that’s what your going to believe. Whatever, a precarious situation and a nightmare we’ve all been dreading, a nutter at the controls of nuclear ICBM’s and it’s here, well it had to happen didn’t it.

Rumours that he’s going to test one of his nukes are substantiated by different reliable world intels which perhaps could get out of hand politically, with America already threatening some heavy duty sanctions if it goes ahead. “Any future nuclear test or missile launch would be in direct violation of UN Security Council resolutions, and would lead to further pressure and isolation,” State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said at a news briefing.

“So, we would strongly discourage against that course of action,” he added, refusing to say what actions might be taken by Washington in the event of a fresh nuke test or missile launch by the DPRK.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day. DD

USA takes sides – Japan wins ……. at the moment.


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