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When discussing big ideas like global peace and a global shift into a higher state of consciousness, most people are either skeptical of these possibilities, or uncertain of how this could possibly come to pass in a world as riddled with challenges as ours. heartIn these scientifically driven times, some people are discovering that within the human body lies a realm of unexplored technologies offering new ways to interact and connect with other people, and with all life on Earth.

What is the over-looked potential of the human heart? Could it be more than just another organ that helps to keep the body alive?
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Whatever you think of ‘Channellers’or life out of this world, this piece of film is enlightening and falls exactly in line with my beliefs and way of life. I hope you enjoy it. DD

An extremely well balanced succinct film. We thank Suspicious0bservers for these facts.

Take your pic, all good people. Looks like a close pass from something the size of Mars, we know this can still have massive effect to our planet geomagnetically depending on it’s size, radiation has got to be a consideration also.

It’s great how the right thing comes along at the right time, co-incidence? No such thing, I came across this today which has helped immensely with the awakening process.

I woke today not feeling quite right, a little different, subtle and I really can’t find the words to do it justice but it put me into a spin. I suppose I could say it feels like little glimpses of transformation, a change of perception perhaps, which is a close but by no means fully adequate way to describe how I’m feeling.

If we try to imagine how the next phase will manifest, we’re wasting our time, we will never get it right because we are still processing with a three dimensional mind.

The key is for me to be completely open and accepting that it will happen as it will happen. There’s no point worrying although I find myself in immense fear sometimes worrying, practice what you preach eh. Disconnection and distraction by the illusionary world jumps in, I find myself watching mainstream news, worrying about what’s in the post although I’ve nothing to be worried of, that sort of thing.

I’ve installed an alert system now and whenever I’m disconnected I will do something to get that connection back, sometimes the connection finds me as it did this morning, I hope you find this as calming as I did.

Science Agrees with Religion: Compassion is Good for You

Many people think compassion is just a hippy dippy religious term irrelevant in modern society. But when one reviews the rigorous scientific data from a number of major research centers around the world, I can tell you this is not true. Scientific data now supports the view that all major world religions and spiritual traditions have long held: compassion is good. It is good for the recipient but, just as important, it is good for the giver.


Author: James R. Doty, M.D.

The Healing Hug

Are we afraid of healing one another?

Greg Braden ties a lot of it up here. What a fantastic period of time we live in, DON’T BE AFRAID, let’s live it!

Emotion is the technology that heals; this explains the placebo effect beautifully. What Greg fails to explain at the end of the clip is that pharmaceutical companies have invested billons in the field not being there.

Much love, Mark ♥

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