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Britain’s War Heroes Throw Medals Away in Disgust at Bombing Syria!

A group of veterans have staged a protest outside Downing Street by throwing their medals down in ‘utter disgust’ at the decision to bomb Syria.

Not always been a lover of Neil Kramer. He sometimes comes across as a little arrogant and pretentious regarding his interviews concerning the mystic side of life.
But his message is clear and spot on in the video below.

This is the shocking moment a group of shoppers wrestled on the floor of a supermarket while scrambling for cut-price food ‘like scavenging dogs.’GOVERNMENT
The disturbing scenes unfolding at a Tesco Extra store in Northampton after marked down chicken and steaks were put on trays by the meat counter at around 7pm.
Grown men and women can be seen crowding in the aisles before pushing and shoving each other to get hold of the food – some of them on their hands and knees.

Shopper Johnny Lester, 32, who filmed the incident at the Weston Favell Shopping Centre, said he was worried someone was going to get hurt.
‘You could not get anywhere near the counter,’ he said.
‘Apparently this happens every night.

The Death Of John Harris

Its with sad regret to inform you all that John Harris has past away. I would first like to ask that every one please respect the wishes for privacy of the family at this difficult time. Also if you feel the need to get in touch, you can email ben@tpuc.org

John’s website is http://www.tpuc.org/john-harris/

We learned recently from Paris that the Western world is deeply and passionately committed to free expression and ready to march and fight against attempts to suppress it. That’s a really good thing, since there are all sorts of severe suppression efforts underway in the West — perpetrated not by The Terrorists but by the Western politicians claiming to fight them.

One of the most alarming examples comes, not at all surprisingly, from the U.K. government, which is currently agitating for new counterterrorism powers, “including plans for extremism disruption orders designed to restrict those trying to radicalize young people.” Here are the powers which the British Freedom Fighters and Democracy Protectors are seeking:— READ MORE…….

It’s a strange sensation becoming free of your beliefs.

I now find beliefs bewildering. Am I losing my mind? I find religions a very strange concept now.nutty

Before I never believed in what we call “standard religion”, but now the concept that we need to live in fear or feel the need to be governed, by god or even other people, doesn’t seem to compute.

We are ourselves are a huge part of the whole, and to believe that there exists something that is outside of me, more and more incomprehensible.

Maybe I am going mad.

People tell me about Anarchy!

Mainstream doesn’t  want you to find out about the true nature of anarchy.

They have bastardised the word.

The way the nazi’s bastardised the swastika.

The way that human belief has bastardised the word god.

Anarchy has everyone scared;

You have to live with government. We are good people for most part. Human beings are good. You are good.

There are of course bad people, bad situations and bad things happen. But when you start to feel the truth, you find that most of the bad “normal people” are bad because of the way we shape our lives around our beliefs, and the way we are governed by REALLY REALLY BAD PEOPLE.

We are governed by what we know, but what if what we know isn’t the truth?

What then, how could we possibly move forward?

My answer to that is, with one step at a time. Who know where this will end, probably no one, well not of this dimension anyway.

When you break away from all that belief, the world becomes a little lonely to say the least.

This feeling is how you might feel when you go mad, but that’s ok. Because I’d rather be mad than a slave inside my own mind, which somehow (although I don’t pretend to understand it) creates the world that we experience.

This is a bumpy ride for many. If this is some kind of shift, then I look forward to seeing many more of you very soon.

Love to you all.


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