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Cuts deemed "catastrophic" for many people

Cuts deemed “catastrophic” for many people

The federal food stamp program known as the “Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program” (SNAP) has now been cut by a small amount — just $36 / month for a family of four. But even this tiny reduction in a national entitlement program is causing shockwaves across the nation as food banks scramble to handle the anticipated surge in “hungry masses.”

Marvellous work from http://www.youtube.com/user/DAHBOO77 – Thank you!

“THIS WHOLE THING WAS A 100% TEST RUN! Congress has 2 weeks to get this mess fixed , or Chaos will unfold come the first week of November”



Again the poorest of the poor gets trounced, RIOT’s on the horizon if this carries on.

Amid major problems reported Saturday all across America with the Electronic Benefits Transfer System (i.e., electronic food stamp debit cards), leaving consumers stuck with no way to pay at registers, many people took to Twitter to express concern.
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(Warning: Some rough language ahead…)

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