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Oregonian SHOCKED! What he saw at Refuge Under Siege 1 3 2016

The woman at the centre of the Prince Andrew ‘sex slave’ scandal has told a US court

Hear the one about the peado at Buckingham Palace?

Hear the one about the peado at Buckingham Palace?

that she believes the FBI has videos of her having sex with Jeffrey Epstein and his ‘powerful friends’ while she was underage.
Virginia Roberts, who alleges that she was loaned out to the Duke of York and other high-profile Epstein associates, also stated that she feared for her life while working as Epstein’s ‘sex slave’.
It comes a week after Epstein, an American billionaire who has been convicted of soliciting underage prostitution, hit out at ‘outlandish attacks’ by the ‘gossip media’ over the case.

Miss Roberts, 31, accuses Epstein, the Prince, and – among others – the leading American defence lawyer Alan Dershowitz of abusing her while she was underage.
Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell – also named in court documents – Mr Dershowitz and Jeffrey Epstein have vigorously denied the accusations.
A Buckingham Palace statement said: ‘It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship [with the woman].

“Well she wasn’t a woman at the time, she was a little girl”

prince andrew


Recently released FBI crime statistics curiously show that no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012, despite reports that numerous schoolchildren and faculty members were slaughtered during a shooting rampage in December of that year.


Fantastic news then, at last we’re ok ……….. we can now trust the FBI (Christ I nearly wet myself writing that – hilarious)

Lets hope Mr Comey’s dress sense is a little more subtle than J Edgar Hoover’s, here donning a White Silk Top (Primark £4.75) Leather Skirt and Accessories (Walmart Approx $16).


Obama lauded Comey, a former Justice Department official during the Bush administration, amid mounting scrutiny of the federal government’s far-reaching law enforcement practices, specifically to counter terror threats.
“Jim has dedicated his life to defending our laws, making sure that all Americans can trust our justice system to protect their rights and their well-being,” Obama said.
“I interviewed a number of extraordinary candidates for this job, all with sterling credentials,” Obama added later in his remarks. “But made me confident that this was the right man for the job … was talking to him and seeing his amazing family. I sensed that this is somebody who knows what’s right and what’s wrong.”
The president further pledged to FBI employees, some 3,500 of whom gathered at the bureau’s headquarters for the ceremony, to fight to improve the agency’s funding and restore some of the automatic spending cuts as a result of sequestration.


By Gordon Lubold

The Pentagon’s top shadow warrior is leaving. At a town hall-style meeting recently, Pentagon Policy Chief Jim Miller announced that Mike Sheehan, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations, Low Intensity Conflict, is leaving the job at the end of next month. Sheehan, who began in that high-profile role in December 2011, replaced Michael Lumpkin, who replaced national security policy celebrity Mike Vickers. No solid word on Sheehan’s replacement yet, and it’s not clear why he’s leaving. SOLIC, which provides policy oversight over U.S. Special Operations Command has become a major player inside the military and on Capitol Hill as Special Operations becomes the force du-jour for an administration reluctant to send boots-on-the-ground to anywhere. This is the office that helps guide America’s clandestine conflicts around the globe. But the office has its enemies, on the Hill and inside the building, and some new initiatives have not been sold to the Hill well, Situation Report is told this morning.

U.S. Senator Barack Obama poses alongside Hagel and Lugar at a Senate Committee in Washington

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Are these Blue Chip multinationals really coming out on the side of their users as opposed to doing what the system tells them to do? I’d like to think so.

I didn’t know what an NSL (National Security Letter) was until a few days ago, now I have a bit more meat on the bones. We would have to be extremely naive to think that anything on the internet is private. I go on the basis that whatever I type in to my machine is being looked at.

Microsoft, Twitter, Google and Facebook all want to give greater disclosure of Fisa requests

A national security letter is used by US government agencies such as the FBI and NSA to demand access to data from companies – who are forbidden from revealing that they have been served such a request.

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