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We are seeing more and more evidence daily now, all of which show anomalies around our Sun. Could this be the big one?

The first link is to worldwide sky cams that on several occasions during our research have shown an orange orb either just behind the Sun or a little distance away depending on which country viewed.


What follows are video’s from around the world made by Youtube users which seem to suggest that this phenomena is very real.

This particular sunspot has been extremely active in the last week and although not directly facing Earth we should get some disruption. A mag. 3 will put strain on our planet so some tectonic activity is expected.


DON’T PANIC! Not very often we get smashed by these, however an Earth facing sunpot produced an R3 Solar Flare yesterday which stands a good chance of at least giving us a glancing bloww




We’re going to feel this one!

Ok I’ll put my neck on the block and say Earth’s Natural cycle perhaps exacerbated by our disrespect for nature.

This is nature at it’s most dramatic, beautiful, awesome, makes you feel so small eh, and we think we’re so important.

We’ve got this flying around the internet at present, Asteroid will hit Earth in Autumn this year in Antarctica. Obviously this needs some validation and we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any news.

http://youtu.be/hPj7ZDosOBw : Short intro

The aforementioned article in question : http://reinep.wordpress.com/2010/09/08/huge-asteroid-will-hit-antarctica-in-2012/

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