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Extraterrestrial life is being held and will be dealt as a card that requires ascension to world government and submission to a higher earthly authority. So compelling indeed is the opportunity to use aliens as a pretext for total control, that leader after leader have hinted at its unifying power over humanity. In the background, the possibly of a Project Blue Beam scenario has been prepared should the time come for the last card to be dealt to a humanity unwilling to march dutifully along under the banner of a one world government New World Order.

Mystery surrounds the appearance of a turquoise, light shaped UFO which appeared in the sky over Holland.
Nature blogger Harry Perton was taking pictures of the clouds when he was left stunned when he appeared to capture the UFO on camera.
He had been snapping pictures of a storm in Groningen, Holland to upload to his blog last week.
And since the image was posted online, it has sparked a flurry of online debate about what it could be.

A former NASA engineer claims he saw a nine-foot alien while monitoring a space mission in 1991.
Clark McClelland was allegedly part of a team based at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, when he spotted the extra-terrestrial humanoid.
The ‘entity’, he says, stood on two legs and approached two U.S. astronauts, that he would not name, for one minute and seven seconds in the space shuttle bay.

His story has been hailed by supporters as the most conclusive evidence that intelligent life exists in space.
McClelland claims the U.S. government has stripped him of his pension and forced him to live on social security, despite insisting he has served on more than 800 NASA missions.
But in a series of YouTube videos, he implores the public to take him seriously.
‘I love my planet, I love our human race. I’m trying to serve all of you, if only you will let me,’ he tells viewers.

Mainstream Media reporting on UFO activity? Whatever next? Reptile house at Buckingham Palace maybe.

A television crew captured this astonishing footage which appears to show a purple disc-shaped UFO hovering about a city construction site.
The production crew in Lima, Peru, were filming a programe when they interrupted it in order to focus on what appears to be a ‘UFO’ hovering over the city.
The purple-colored disc-shaped object can be seen hovering in the sky near a construction site, but so far, there has been no official explanation for the object.


President Obama’s outgoing counselor John Podesta has revealed that his biggest regret in 2014 was his failure to disclose the truth about the existence of UFOs.


It caters for serving and retired officers who have been involved in British UFO police sightings.

Each year I publish an annual report outlining the results of my research conducted during the previous twelve months.

When I began the database I had a half dozen police reports involving approximately 10 police officers. Now after 9 years of research I have collected over 400 reports dating back to 1901 involving over 900 police officers.

The database is divided into two separate categories – on and off duty police sightings.

The sighting reports derive from a number of sources, from officers themselves who contact me directly, to historical newspaper archive reports to official information reports released by the Ministry of Defence.

Check out the PRUFOS site here


Woodbridge UK, September 15, 2014 — The British Ministry of Defense is still withholding high-level UFOuniverse public policy papers, along with other key information, despite the public stance that all material has been transferred to the National Archives, according to John F. Burroughs, a retired USAF security officer. Burroughs, 54, was stationed at RAF Bentwaters in 1980 and witnessed one of the most significant UFO events in English history.

According to Burroughs, the MOD commissioned a Top Secret Technical Memorandum 55/2/00 in 2000, which was intended to provide the pretext for closing down the MOD UFO desk. That Memorandum included a Key Recommendation that “It should no longer be a requirement for DI55 to monitor UAP reports as they do not demonstrably provide information useful to Defense Intelligence.”

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