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Someone said to me today “So when is it going to happen?”. They couldn’t see that ‘it’s’ happening, they are living through it, ‘it’ I presume meant Agenda 21 coming to fruition and NWO Globalisation, at least that’s the way I read it.

It amuses me somewhat to hear words like Globalisation, Illuminati, New World Order, words and acronyms I’ve used since the early 80’s are now appearing on mainstream news. I’ve been watching it grow since then and watched the treachery and inhumanity initially gobsmacked, now in positive resignation that however ugly we are moving the right way.


The Dollar will collapse, it has to and there is a lot of reading and research re this if you want to dive in.

From what I was shown as a kid we will get to the brink of self-destruction but something of magnitude probably Weather or Earthquake, Nature based will happen and create a ‘War time spirit’ which will bring us to our knees in humility. Then we have to choose, to carry on living in false freedom or to transform and awake to peace.

I feel so so privileged, hanging on enjoying the ride observing the biggest historical event unfurl in the moment.


Very pertinent as of the EBT news yesterday. Incremental lock down. Must read in advance.

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