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Scotland Yard is to be investigated for alleged corruption over claims it covered up child abuse because police and MPs were involved.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission will carry out the investigation into the actions of the Metropolitan Police.

There are 14 referrals which detail alleged corruption dating back to the 1970s and stretching into the 2000s.

Sarah Green, deputy chair of the IPCC, said: “These allegations are of historic, high level corruption of the most serious nature. We will oversee the investigations and ensure that they meet the terms of reference that we will set.

“Allegations of this nature are of grave concern and I would like to reassure people of our absolute commitment to ensuring that the investigations are thorough and robust.”

More to follow……

Two Arizona parents say state Child Protective Services officials have essentially kidnapped seven of their children after one child died mysteriously while in the care of a babysitter friend months ago, though no criminal charges have been filed and no autopsy report has been issued by the medical examiner’s office.

According to interviews and data provided to Natural News, Jeff and Tabitha Shoars of Avondale, a suburb of Phoenix, have so far been given no explanation as to why CPS officials who removed their children from their home have begun the process of terminating parental rights after their daughter, Khloe, 3, who was born prematurely and with a brain hemorrhage, collapsed and died more than five months ago, in August.


by Anthony Forwood

For those who don’t know, Michael Aquino was a Psychological Warfare Specialist in the US Army from 1968 until 1990, when he was involuntarily discharged as a result of investigations into his involvement in the ritual sexual abuse of children at the Presidio Day Care Center in San Francisco. Throughout this same time, he has also been a devout satanist and self-confessed neo-Nazi. He joined Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan in 1969, staying until 1975 when he left to start his own Temple of Set, which has been in operation ever since.

Please note here that both psyops and satanism involve using many levels of deception and coercion to manipulate the perceptions of others for ulterior motives, so these are skills that Aquino is very familiar with and very comfortable in using. He is also an expert in propaganda and skilled in techniques for disseminating misinformation/disinformation, and using misdirection, confusion tactics, isolation techniques, and revisionism. Therefore, he will certainly use these skills to defend himself against the truth of his actions.

Michael Aquino explains that his name keeps coming up in pedophile-ring cases because he’s the victim of a conspiracy (a ‘black bag job’, as he calls it). He bases this on the fact that he’s a satanist and so people just automatically hate him because of it. Unfortunately for him, making such a bad choice in lifestyle and philosophy doesn’t excuse him from anything, although in his particular case it certainly does lend weight to the allegations against him and even invites them, so he shouldn’t really complain about it. He tends to keep his perceptions of all this bad publicity focused strictly on the Presidio child abuse case in which he was a central figure during the 1980s, since that’s the only one he’s ever had to legally defend himself against (so far). Even in this one isolated case, he only dares to focus on it as far as his own limited version of the facts go, and he totally avoids acknowledging the larger body of evidence that implicates him personally. Similarly, he totally overlooks the longer history of events he’s been implicated in by various sources who are far removed from one another and who couldn’t possibly be engaged in any sort of conspiracy against him.

Whatever the case, I’m not going to attempt to detail all of the evidence against Michael Aquino here, since there’s far too much of it for this short article. I merely want to put his claim of conspiracy into proper perspective, in order to show how absurd it really is.

Time after time, Michael Aquino has been pointed at as a ruthlessly evil defiler and abuser of the most innocent and defenseless among us – young children – and it was as early as 1980 that the putrid history of his involvement in pedophilia and mind control can be traced back to (at least in the public records), but it probably goes back much further. The following provides a short historical record of events that ties Aquino to a larger criminal syndicate operating through the US government, and reveals his position within it.


The NSPCC has to be one of the most dangerous organisations in the country where our children are concerned.

Championed by paedophiles, the NSPCC is calling for earlier intervention in child abuse… Namely removing the baby from its mother as soon as it is born.

The word is slowly getting out that the Social Services are child stealer’s and it has to stop, as do the secret courts.

However, the NSPCC say that the social services are not doing enough and point to a figure of half a million children being abused, where as the authorities are only picking up on 1 in 9 children.

See, its another case of those pesky numbers being set out in different formats, specifically designed to make the figures look alarming.
Chris Spivey

And don’t forget, It has been reported over and over that 6 times as many children die in Foster Care than in the general public. Once a child is “legally kidnapped” and placed in official “safety” – the child is far more likely to suffer abuse, including sexual molestation and or rape.
Children have become assets for the state.

Since when does a peaceful rally become a anti-government rally?
Wake up people, they’re coming for your children. Do your research in to past dictatorships, this is how they have done it in the past.
I’m not someone that lives in the past, but i know how to learn from it.


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