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Is everyone taking note on how the false flag script is developing. Apparently staged attacks that take place in Europe are followed up by these weird “anti-fear” marches which only serve to bring more attention to the false flag event and state-sponsored “terrorism.” It’s all part of the “terrorism” propaganda, fear and social engineering that the state is exerting over the masses on their road to their new global order.

The irony of seeing the “march against fear” canceled by “fear” itself only goes to show that there is nothing genuine and organic about this effort. It also shows us that the state, not the people, is controlling these events.


I believe Mark Dice (who I took a long time to trust) has some very valid points regarding the ‘truth movement’ hysteria whenever there is an international incident such as yesterdays ISIS attack ot Brussels Airport. He is saying that the larger percentage have not done any personal research e.g. read a book and glean their knowledge from other Youtubers. It’s a bit like misinfo cannibilism as everybody is devouring each others information be it researched or not.

In a false flag operation people get killed, this point is sadly missed a lot of the time, however we are now getting false flag hoax’s where it is more than questionable that anyone is killed using crisis actors to play the part of the injured, dead and dying.

When we need as much clarity as possible there are many Youtubers out there with ego’s the size of the sun! They are never wrong and if they are questioned they make videos about that person trying to destroy their credibility. I bet the NWO are having a laugh about that one.

Published on Mar 22, 2016

Was the Brussels terrorist attack a False Flag to celebrate the Illuminati high holy day of March 22nd, alluding to the Skull & Bones society’s secret number 322? Media analyst Mark Dice explains why most “Illuminati researchers” posting videos on YouTube don’t even have a basic understanding of the organizations they are supposedly uncovering the ‘truth’ about.




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