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Massive news minute mainstream news coverage, we are baffled. Perhaps its because he has  ninety per cent in his pocket. I will put money on nothing will happen but we live in hope…….




The can chip my cold dead hand, until then they can shove their chips where the sun doesn’t shine.

Breaking news — this is one of the biggest stories of our lifetime — it isbigbrother critical for all internet users to read and understand this. The Guardian has just released a new slide today from its collection of 41 PRISM slides detailing the top secret NSA spy program that has, for years, granted the U.S. government “back door” access to the servers of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, AOL, Facebook and others. The new slide, shown below, reveals that every one of these companies has been blatantly and viciously lying to its users over the last several days as they have denied the government has any sort of “direct access” to their servers.

This couldn’t come at a better time.bigbrother
Big Brother is hoping to eliminate anonymous digital communication, but a new messaging protocol may provide privacy advocates a way around their snooping government no matter where they live.

It couldn’t come at a better time as governments increasingly demand access to private communications.

In fact, an FBI whistleblower recently revealed that all digital communications are being recorded and stored by the U.S. government.

Since most emails, instant messaging, and all voice calls (land line, cell or Internet) run through central service providers that database all user activity, the government has easy access to this information upon request, secret subpoenas or even backdoors to these services to view private communications in real time.

The Associated Press was recently violated the Department of Justice who, with a secret subpoena, forced service providers to hand over phone records of AP’s reporters and central offices.

My neighbors love me i think haha. And most are now seeing the truth and questioning what they are being told.
If you have something critical to say about your government, which is a fundamental right under the founding principles of the First Amendment, don’t make your comments in Palm Beach County, Fla., because such criticism is likely to get you a visit from a local deputy.
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Although don’t be suprised when you find one in the shower with you.

The next video is a M.A.B trying to find a birth certificate

“Philadelphia Courts Begin Using Computer Forecasts to Predict Future Criminal Behavior, Determine Jail Time”
Does this look familiar?
Anyone that has seen the series Person of Interest shown on Channel 5 will know this plot.
“Former CIA agent John Reese teams up with reclusive billionaire Finch to bring their own brand of vigilante justice to the streets of New York, using state-of-the-art surveillance technology and national security data to unravel the mystery of the person of interest and stop crime before it happens”.
Seems like they are letting us know that this is the way it’s going to go.
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