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The mainstream media, especially the print media, continues to implode, but rather than attempt to change its focus (most dailies are run by liberal editorial teams) they continue to double down on their progressive ideology – which, in turn, leads to additional declines in readership.
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The BBC TV Panorama programme The VIP Paedophile Ring: What’s The Truth? was broadcast on Tuesday, investigating claims that a VIP paedophile ring existed in Parliament. It has been criticised for bias and “lacking objectivity” by the campaigning investigative organisation Exaro.
Mark Watts, Exaro editor, says the programme failed to take account of the evidence from former senior police officers testifying to VIP involvement in child sexual abuse.
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And you still pay that licence fee

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These are the people that protected the likes of Jimmy Savile. And they want every household in the land to pay for their atrocities.

Speaking on BBC1’s the Andrew Marr Show, Lord Hall said a ‘household tax’ – as proposed by the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee – was a ‘very interesting idea’.


And you (the tax payer) have to pay for it Ha Ha Ha. FUCK YOU

And you (the tax payer) have to pay for it Ha Ha Ha. FUCK YOU

Let’s stop paying.

Horsham, UK, 2013 – Tony Rooke, in an act of civil disobedience, refused to pay the mandatory £130 TV license fee claiming it violates Section 15 of the Terrorism Act. Rooke’s accusation was aimed at the BBC who reported the collapse of WTC 7 over 20 minutes before it actually fell, and the judge accepted Rooke’s argument. While it was not a public inquiry into 9/11, the recognition of the BBC’s actions on September 11th are considered a small victory, one that was never reported in the US.


Former Radio 1 star found guilty of indecently assaulting woman in 1995

The attack happened after he appeared on the Mrs Merton Show

Victim told court she ‘froze’ as he squeezed her breasts in a corridor

He is cleared by jury in London of another charge of indecent assault

Jurors were unable to agree a verdict on another charge of sexual assault

Judge says ‘all sentencing options are open’, including a prison term

CPS have said he faces a maximum sentence of up to 10 years in jail

He becomes the third celebrity convicted under Operation Yewtree

Sony Radio Awards Lee Travis

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