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I like this but it seems to suggest that mind and thought are the same, may i suggest that thought is a product of mind.
The mind seems unable to watch thoughts, your awareness can watch the thoughts (try watching a thought whilst thinking about something else) then your awareness transfers that information back to the mind to analyze.
What do you reckon?


Take a real good look at yourself and see you’re worse traits appear on the News and in metaphor around you, it also works for you’re best traits too. I suppose it’s being aware that there’s always a choice. This video works for me amongst other things. It’s a massive responsibility.

I’ve found when I can feel “the other world” leaking in I have a stockpile of Video’s and Books that I can immediately pick up to reset my dials.

What’s the other world? Well, for me it’s the world of conforming with what you were told was socially acceptable through you’re formative years until you realised otherwise. It’s a place of industry run by Banks through politicians where you are made to run an obstacle course during the five days you’re expected to give up to have two off and its still a struggle.

I scared the living daylights out of myself when I was thirty sitting in my garden office of the four bedroom 17th century cottage in Haywards Heath; Audi for long safe runs, 2CV for fun, Jag 5.4 V12 for more fun, a family, two children, boy and girl. I’d ‘made it’, I’d arrived and I’ve never felt so depressed in my life, I believe that’s where I let alcohol take control completely and I twisted my melon man. I saw a massive boring stressful journey to the grave to bring home an inordinate amount of money to maintain a lifesyle that I didn’t like. I wanted time with my kids, eventually I got it but it was painful for everyone and not the way I imagined it would turn out at all. Be careful what you ask.

Lifes not a journey, don’t forget to dance.

It is time that keeps us locked in the left-brain, mind dominated, egoic consciousness – and it is time that anchors us to the illusion of separateness – the source of so much of our pain. We transcend the limitations of time when we are able to hold an awareness of presence. In the ‘now’ we are freed, for a ‘time’, from the painful memories of the past and the imagined fears of the future. We are freed from the tyranny of the ego-mind. Our childhood traumas, and the wounding we sustained in past lives – dragged from lifetime to lifetime as energetic imprints on our emotional bodies – can be healed in the timelessness of the eternal now. Beyond the mind and ego, in the here and now, there is no emotional charge, there is only non-vibrating stillness.
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1. Monetary Non-conformity – The human race is enslaved to a corrupt and inflationary monetary system. To act as a balance to this, any opportunity to conduct life without using the dollar and the credit system is a stunning act of non-conformity. By practicing trade, barter and local exchange, and using alternative currencies whenever possible, a practical statement is made in support of an alternative to central bank tyranny and manipulation. Most important, however, is the simple decision to spend less overall and live without consumer debt.

2. Shun the Materialistic and the Entertainment Driven Lifestyle – The consumption of consumer goods in our world has grown to dangerous proportions, and no matter your political bent, you can’t deny the existence of the plastic ocean gaining mass in the Pacific. To be realistic about one’s true needs and to consume less “stuff” makes one stand out as a non-conformist in today’s culture. Much of this consumerism is part of a lifestyle of entertainment that we have developed in recent decades. We seem to value being entertained more than anything else, and we will do anything, and incur any debt, in order to get that which entertains and distracts us. Choosing a non-consumeristic, non-entertainment driven lifestyle is an important act of disobedience to the norm.

3. Health Rebel – The truth about the condition of American health is ugly, and clearly something is wrong with the conformist ideas of diet and health. From horse meat, to high-fructose corn syrup, to GMOs, the conformist diet is deathly harmful to our well-being. To continue on with this unhealthy lifestyle is self-destructive, and to buck this trend simply means to take care of yourself properly, as we all should be doing anyways. Taking care of the body is easy and enjoyable, and each step towards health brings with it a renewed outlook on life. Taking control of diet, finding some enjoyable type of exercise, and being courageous enough to try out alternative, non-pharmaceutical modalities of healing when possible, are, oddly enough, all one has to do in order to stand out as a health non-conformist.

4. Re-Education – The quality of the future can be seen in the quality of our youth, and the current models of building quality people seem to be falling short. Trying out new modalities of education for our children is an inspiring way to work towards a better vision for the future. Green schooling, homeschooling and even un-schooling children offer hope for something different from the next generation. With access to unlimited educational resources via the Internet, almost anyone can educate themselves in almost any field, and so the re-education of the individual is an act of great non-conformity.

5. Experience-Based Spirituality – The nature of personal spirituality itself is evolving in these transformative times as people have access to a vast assortment of ideas, philosophies, wisdom traditions, substances, and dogmas. The non-conformist of today explores practices and ideas that work best to induce direct experience, following intuition to develop a connection to the sacred part of humanity, which is so routinely trampled in our hectic world. Finding inner peace through whichever religion or philosophy you choose is critical to creating a world free from toxic effects of collective fear. There is a war being waged against the conscience and consciousness of the average person, and seeking direct, personal spiritual experience and connection to the great mystery is the way to prevail.
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The title says it all.
Lets start at what I feel is the easiest subject for conscious awareness, YOUR BODY. Now lets get the formalities out of the way, and I know a lot of people will say things like “who’s this guy”. To quote Lt. Col. Frank Slade from the film Scent Of A Woman, “I’ve been around ya know”

You may have heard of a therapy called EFT (emotional freedom therapy) where the client is encouraged to tap certain areas of the body which in turn elicit a certain emotional response or defuses a emotional response. Well this can be taken a little deeper.
What if you were to tap a certain part of the body and the only goal would to be to direct your consciousness there? Now practise this for a few days in the same spot, let’s say the back of your hand. Then after 3 or 4 days you relax and focus on the back of your hand without tapping. You will feel something, it won’t be as strong as it was when you were tapping but it will have a physical sensation. Maybe it will tingle or you may feel heat or cold on the spot where you once tapped. You have succeeded in directing your consciousness there and this has amazing healing properties.

Now lets see what kind of doors are opened when you do this practise with your Chakra points

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