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Expressions of physical love are far more dangerous to the cabal than expressions of physical hatred. That’s why it is the way it is, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how to turn thing around.

Man, throughout the historical period of man, has said that to find that reality or God—whatever name he may give to it—you must be a celibate; that is, you take a vow of chastity and suppress, control, battle with yourself endlessly all your life, to keep your vow. Look at the waste of energy! It is also a waste of energy to indulge. And it has far more significance when you suppress. The effort that has gone into suppression, into control, into this denial of your desire distorts your mind, and through that distortion you have a certain sense of austerity which becomes harsh. Please listen. Observe it in yourself, and observe the people around you. And observe this waste of energy, the battle. Not the implications of sex, not the actual act, but the ideals, the images, the pleasure—the constant thought about them is a waste of energy. And most people waste their energy either through denial, or through a vow of chastity, or in thinking about it endlessly. – Krishnamurti

I don’t know

I’m in touch with that emotion.

The Real You


Take a real good look at yourself and see you’re worse traits appear on the News and in metaphor around you, it also works for you’re best traits too. I suppose it’s being aware that there’s always a choice. This video works for me amongst other things. It’s a massive responsibility.

I’ve found when I can feel “the other world” leaking in I have a stockpile of Video’s and Books that I can immediately pick up to reset my dials.

What’s the other world? Well, for me it’s the world of conforming with what you were told was socially acceptable through you’re formative years until you realised otherwise. It’s a place of industry run by Banks through politicians where you are made to run an obstacle course during the five days you’re expected to give up to have two off and its still a struggle.

I scared the living daylights out of myself when I was thirty sitting in my garden office of the four bedroom 17th century cottage in Haywards Heath; Audi for long safe runs, 2CV for fun, Jag 5.4 V12 for more fun, a family, two children, boy and girl. I’d ‘made it’, I’d arrived and I’ve never felt so depressed in my life, I believe that’s where I let alcohol take control completely and I twisted my melon man. I saw a massive boring stressful journey to the grave to bring home an inordinate amount of money to maintain a lifesyle that I didn’t like. I wanted time with my kids, eventually I got it but it was painful for everyone and not the way I imagined it would turn out at all. Be careful what you ask.

Lifes not a journey, don’t forget to dance.

Our children are put under more and more pressure at en ever increasing speed and while education is a wonderful thing indoctrination isn’t. Do something you love with your gift of life, its precious and we don’t know how long our little ride will last.

Being Human

Our nature is peaceful, don’t let anyone lead you away from your true nature.

Alan Watts by the Makers of South Park, invaluable bedtime stories for children to understand their lives. With further thought perhaps it’s something the children should read their parents, yes, that’s it, wrong way round, sorry!

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