Always remember who takes us to war, the people with the bucks, the blood line families, the Banks, Industrials, the ones who don’t see  a front line, will never know the smell of cordite or boiling blood. Of course, that’s your job and if anyone ever questions how well they have programmed us, well how many were told to go for a trip over the hill and walk unquestionably into swathes of lead? No one in their right mind, right mind being the operative word.

A world war is nothing less than a Snuff Movie for the Elite to be fascinated by, to enjoy that feeling of power they have that they could drive so  many trillions to their grave with the weapons they commissioned to be designed and built. Bet that was fun eh, as technology developed one could machinate ways of killing on a grander scale and make trillions at the same time.

Do you believe that the men standing there killing one another gave one thought to Revanchism, the Treaty of Versailles or Wilson’s fourteen points?

If anyone follows the conscription again with what we know today they’re mental, truly not well. Throw your TV’s away, be with those you share the same philosophies, discuss openly what you know is going on now so that others might activate.

This is our time, a huge moment in History of the greatest magnitude for our planet and inhabitants. You won’t miss it believe me, no-one will.