I believe we should brace ourselves for another not so far away major false flag. Bankers, Journalists, Scientists some within 24 hours of each other, murdered, suicides. This suicide is in fact a murder which invalidates all of the other so called suicides as I’ve never heard anything so ludicrous.

More excellent observation, analysis and comment from KafkaWinstonWorld

Hang on in there KafkaWinstonWorld Everyone at present should be practising their inherent skill, documentary and comment are most definitely  some of yours, I’m doing my best practising mine.

This I believe is the way forward as we who are awake have a massive job to do for the considerable future waking people, there’s still a lot asleep. I know in my heart the NWO doesn’t succeed but I don’t preach it or worry if others can’t see it. However there will be an empirical reset and there’s a whole lotta shit we got to get through yet. If we start working together without ego doing what we love best, our inherent skill, it’s not work and will make the ‘shitty bit’ better to cope whilst having the support and camaraderie.






Published on Feb 14, 2016