We have been following the James Casbolt/Michael Prince story now for some years. This is one of those stories you just try and disprove because of the subject matter, it’s uncomfortable with the plethora of Child Satanic Ritual Abuse, fragmentation of the mind by Government Secret Agencies in both the USA and UK.

This story goes deep and as the years go by is keeping its cadence, it’s a lot to take on board, it’s outrageous, it’s unbelievable, it’s very dark.

Miles Johnston Bases Project has followed the story through from the start, Johnston putting himself in direct danger has done a remarkable job exposing this and helping us all to work through to some sort of conclusion, however this has more legs than a centipede and the story continues gathering credence.

This subject matter will affect us all and I believe it to be one of the main research highways to understand the New World Order Agenda.

Published on Jan 25, 2016

With Max Spiers and James Casbolt stating the reasons why the Powers That Be require to sustain their physical bodies by eating, through ritual, the life force and flesh of prepared human children and babies, and with Casbolt’s decline after what he was exposed to by the Meyers, and others, in the United Staes (as so claimed), Miles asked for come back from the Meyers, and others, to give a civilised explanation and response.
In Bases 55, the invitation has been accepted, and one person has come forward, and so this is an opportunity for explanations.

Bases 55 is by no means exclusive to anyone person. But in this part, Victoria Meyer steps forward and explains. So thus we have ‘The Blogs of Victoria Meyer’ Part One.

Sources have revealed the 40 children at a time are used in these ritual killings. With scale of the Jimmi Savile scandal being well known in many levels of power at the BBC,(As so leaked in a major inquirey in the UK press this week), let alone the massive collusion & suppression in the levels of power in the British Government, and with 140,000 Children going missing in the UK every Year, questions need asked, and answeers demnaded!
This is an opportunity for some answers to those questions.

A recent statement by a public servant stated the scale of child abuse in the UK is endemic.
One of Casbolt’s last statements to me, before he went to trial, and then 12 years jail, was…. “we need to Save The Children”….