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~~ We have just received clarification from Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia (SMVM) that they are unaware of such an operation in Michigan amongst the above ground and public Militias, Please watch this space. ~~ We have contacted Pete Santilli (the video source) to advise him of this missive from SMVM who has not replied as yet.

SMVM Media – I am with the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia (SMVM), one of the oldest active militias in Michigan. For the past 21 years (from the days of Norm Olson) we have publicly met and held training events each and every month…… we work and communicate with many Militia’s of Michigan….. the III%’s, Michigan Home Guard, Black Creek Volunteers, West Michigan Sentinel’s, Southwest Michigan Volunteer Militia (SWMVM), Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines (MMCW), Genesee County Volunteer Militia (GCVM), Down River Militia (DVM), Superior Unorganized Michigan Militia (SUMM)……. These are all above ground and public…

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