Another Satanic child abuse campaigner flees the country

The head of a company that was being investigated for posing as a charity helping abuse victims, has fled her home in Highgate.

Belinda McKenzie, 69, was a prominent figure in a case that saw two children make now-discredited allegations that a satanic paedophile ring was operating in Hampstead.

The claims, found to be a “fantasy” by a High Court judge in March, had seen the names and addresses of dozens of Hampstead residents leaked online, prompting death threats and abuse from those believing the claims.

Ms. McKenzie (pictured) refused to accept the High Court findings and has since publicly campaigned to spread the allegations.

In a video posted online on Monday, Ms. McKenzie describes how she was leaving the country, “possibly for good”.

She said she had been made a “scapegoat” for those Hampstead residents affected.

She added: “Whether or not this…

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