This incident hit all the alternative media sites and wasn’t much mentioned on any mainstream media outlets, funny that. The aforementioned decorated soldier was drunk driving an APC and careered into a group of civilians. The eight year child died of her injuries.

So the Golden Bottle of Medov Classic Award for thinking out the box of ways of killing people goes to Senior Lieutenant Marian Rak.

So, this Ukrainian justice.

From RT

Rak was of the two drunk Ukrainian soldiers who, driving a heavy armored vehicle, ran over three people on the sidewalk. A young mother was walking with two children: 5-month-old baby in a stroller and 8-year-old girl Polina. Polina died on the spot, while the mother and the baby were taken to the hospital.

Before slamming into the unsuspecting pedestrians, the armored machine crossed the lawn between the road and sidewalk, hitting two electricity poles.

Locals at the time confirmed that both soldiers, who fled the scene, were so drunk that they could hardly stand on their feet.

Immediately following the accident, an angry crowd started gathering at the scene. Later at night, locals started a riot and burned the army barracks down, demanding that Kiev troops leave the city. The protest however was suppressed by authorities who were allowed to open fire on any provocateurs inciting violence.

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