If you believe that it isn’t going on now, then you’re blind

Former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath is now being probed by five different police forces as more alleged victims continue to come forward with sexual abuse claims.
Kent and Hampshire Police this afternoon became the latest forces to reveal they are probing Sir Edward after an alleged victim came forward to claim that the politician had assaulted them in the 1960s.
A spokesman for the Kent force said: ‘We have today received a report of a sexual assault having been committed in east Kent in the 1960s.
‘The victim has named Sir Edward Heath in connection with the allegation. Detectives are making initial inquiries and will obtain a full account from the victim. The report has been notified as part of Operation Hydrant.’

Eddy darling, don't worry, you won't get caught, just like my friend Jimmy, I've got your back

Eddy darling, don’t worry, you won’t get caught, just like my friend Jimmy, I’ve got your back